Best Practices for Self Storage Automation

Janus International Playing a Key Role in Self Storage Automation

Looking to automate your self storage facility? Understanding the elements needed for self storage automation is important to the success of its implementation. If you follow our blog, you probably have already figured out what part a self service kiosk plays in automation. The main components for self storage automation are: kiosk hardware, kiosk management software, self-storage software, and electronic locks.

Red Kiosk Color Option Featured on Freestanding Kiosk with Keyboard, Trackball and Base

We interviewed Terry Bagley, the president of the door entry & facility automation division at Janus International Group LLC, to talk about the SecurGuard electronic lock. (SecurGuard improves security by preventing lock tampering and accidental overlocking) Bagley uses 10Federal Self-Storage as a prime example of successful facility automation, boasting a 14% revenue increase, a 41% increase in NOI, and a 33% increase in rentals in just four months through automation. 

Self storage automation is increasing nationally as the self storage industry continues to grow. The benefits that facility owners are seeing include a significant positive impact on new customer growth, efficiency, operational costs and the customer experience. Advanced Kiosks is a leading manufacturer of computer kiosk hardware and software solutions and is responding to the growing demand by offering features and functionality specific to users for self storage automation. Advanced Kiosks’ products, combined with the facility specific locking technology that Janus International specializes in delivers a winning combination.


Learn more about best practices for automation and download the interview below.

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