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Kiosk ROI Calculator and Savings Estimator

Want to see how much a kiosk or self-service solution can save you from inefficient check-in or processing tasks?
This kiosk ROI calculator and savings assessment tool is and ideal way to determine the value of a potential self service solution. This is an excellent way to collect and present the data necessary for project approval and justification.

Advanced Kiosks are the experts in the field of self service technology and kiosk solution engineering. Our experienced and trained staff can assist with details about planning an implementation and selecting the best solution for your organization. It is critical to maximize the potential of any self service kiosk solution in order to see the most benefit and make both the users and the investors happy customers!


ROI estimator 

Still stuck using traditional methods of check-in & visitor processing?  

Then you are probably spending too much! Use this calculator to see what you could be missing out on.

After answering a few questions concerning your current process, a set of VALUES & COSTS will be presented that indicates how much you could be saving with self-service technology, all based from live industry observations & data.

*Microsoft Excel Required*



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