Top 5 Uses for Employee Computer Kiosks in Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities all over the country are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of the facility while cutting down on costs. Manufacturing employee computer kiosks are playing a big role in that by allowing the employees to complete more tasks by themselves, for Human Resources related material and much more. This improves the work culture while also saving time, money, and resources for the managers running the facility. These are the 5 most popular uses for a computer kiosk in manufacturing. Enjoy!

Access to HR Materials

HR materials

One big issue that manufacturing commonly deals with is the lack of communication between the employees and human resources. This is because a lot of manufacturing facilities have an off site human resources department or the number of employees is just too much to manage for some tasks. Resulting in forms and important information sometimes getting missed or never finding their way to the human resources department on time. An employee computer kiosk can bridge the gap of communication by providing a VOIP handset to call HR and a scanning/printer to send, receive, and print out important employee documents. Using a human resources computer kiosk is especially useful for scanning and printing sensitive documents because it is tamper proof and is easily accessible to all employees. Additionally, many other simple tasks such as printing of pay stubs and applying for vacations can be quickly and easily satisfied in a self serve manner. This is a win win and is making a big impact in the saving of resources for manufacturing and other businesses everywhere.

MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets

material data sheets

Usually, MSDS safety sheets are displayed by hanging papers with a tack on a bulletin board. Papers fall off the board or go missing, which can lead to potential lawsuits if someone is hurt and they claim they didn’t have access to the appropriate safety sheets. Many companies are now using an employee computer kiosk to make MSDS safety sheets available to employees. This is a great advantage because they cannot be tampered with and the employee will always have access to it no matter what.


Time Clock or Labor Tracking


HR time clock and labor

Employee break room computer kiosks tend to be multi-purpose, but this is one of the most common purposes for an employee computer kiosk. A kiosk can have a card reader added to it so if employees normally use punch cards with a magnetic strip all they have to do is slide the card and tap “punch in” on the screen. There are many models to choose from, standing, wall mounted or counter top employee computer kiosks will stand out more than an average punch clock and employees will be less likely to forget to punch in and out, making less payroll paperwork and mistakes.

Some facilities utilize manufacturing employee computer kiosks to track time spent on a particular task or job. This is extremely beneficial and an important factor for many production environments that want to measure output, overhead and profit margins.

Events, Information and Wayfinding



HR wayfinding

Same bulletin board, different info, same problem. The company bulletin board will usually have posted information regarding employee events, upcoming changes in the company, open job positions, as well as the other random stuff like “Jim is having a yard sale this Saturday”. Conserve paper and clutter by hosting this information on a computer kiosk.

The employee computer kiosk can also help new employees navigate the premises with a wayfinding map of the facility. Advanced Kiosks provides built in software called the homepage solution that provides administrators to customize and organize all the information they want to provide to the staff access to, and nothing else. This makes the information more visually appealing and easier to navigate. 


Employee Training and Orientation

hr employee training

Training usually involves a manager, tour guide, an old television on a metal cart, and a lot of printed paperwork. Employee computer kiosks are also a great solution for employee training because you can consolidate all the tasks of training to one device. Videos, quizzes, forms, and handbook printing can all be done using an employee computer kiosk. This saves time spent by both the manager and the new employee and also saves money spent on printing many pages of paper for each person.


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