Advanced Kiosks Newsletter 2016 second quarter

Quarterly Newsletter: Second Quarter | Advanced Kiosks

July 25, 2016

Hello everyone!

Well, we have now crossed the halfway mark of 2016 into the heart of the summer and it’s been a hot one up in our little corner of New England. If you haven’t had the pleasure of taking a trip up to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, we encourage you to come for a visit.

You can always check out what’s happening through our events calendar software, EventsCrier®, that the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce is using to keep our community, and our visitors, informed about fun events happening year round. If you’ve never been to Pumpkin Fest…

INTERVIEW: Milton CAT and Kiosk Customer Service

If anyone can handle a few bumps in the road, it’s CAT

In other news, we thoroughly enjoy the relationships we build with our customers and we have another great story to share with you. Monty from Milton CAT came to us when they were opening a new location and wanted to make the customer experience more interactive while browsing or waiting.

We were especially excited about this project, as Milton CAT is local to Advanced Kiosks. Although we wanted everything to be perfect, we definitely ran into challenges along the way. Click on the image to read about what happened during the project.


Have you worked with us on a past kiosk project? Are you planning on working with us on a future kiosk project? We want to talk to you!

Contact William Manning if you would like to share your story! We will happily promote your company and link to your website. Thank you!

LobbyAttendant® Software Demo Video

Building Directory, Wayfinding, Visitor Sign-In and More

What happens when you don’t have it in your budget for a full time security person in your lobby but you need more than the old fashioned static directory that hangs in so many buildings? You meet in the middle with an interactive kiosk and LobbyAttendant® building directory software.

Click to watch our software demo video for LobbyAttendant® and see why so many companies find this building directory solution to be the perfect fit.


EventsCrier®: FREE for Chambers of Commerce

Let Your Local Chamber Know!

We have been working tirelessly on creating an events calendar software that is a great fit for businesses, government agencies, colleges and universities, and essentially any organization that would like to increase event attendance or provide a calendar for their team(s).

Since we understand that mobile devices are increasingly popular, we made sure that not only was there a version for desktops/laptops and interactive kiosks, but that we also offered a mobile version of the event calendar that you could search on the go.

 Take the work out of managing a calendar of events!EventsCrier_LRCC_Event_Calendar_Software_Image

Benefits of Using EventsCrier®:

  • The events calendar software is completely customize-able 
  • 100% cloud-based SaaS
  • Mobile version to view events on the go
  • Events can be synched or manually submitted by individuals
  • Ability to support local businesses with advertising opportunities
  • Extremely easy to use and maintain


Features of EventsCrier®:

  • All events are organized into one, easy-to-use calendar
  • Automatically sync hundreds of individual calendars with no extra effort
  • Create “Hot Buttons” to promote popular events or searches
  • Share events to social media from your mobile device or computer
  • Search for events based on keywords
  • Disable events based on keywords (for example: political, yard sales, etc)


For more information, or to learn more about EventsCrier® contact us today! 

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