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What’s New at Advanced Kiosks?

We have released a lot of new products in the past few months and we’re excited to share with you some of our new kiosk solutions. Check out our newest kiosk model, software solution, and see how one of our customers is using their new outdoor kiosk!

Countertop Kiosk

The Newest Kiosk Model, the Countertop Kiosk

Compact and convenient, the Countertop Kiosk checks in guests while preserving valuable floor space. Our lowest priced kiosk model yet, the Countertop Kiosk has a fully adjustable multi-touch monitor with four USB ports, camera, microphone and stereo speakers included in the standard version.

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Enviro Kiosk

An Outdoor Favorite, the Enviro Kiosk!

Outdoor kiosks are becoming more and more popular for towns and recreation. In the photo above, you can see the Enviro Kiosk being used to display town information in Blackmountain, N.C. Blackmountain chose to paint their kiosk brown to blend it in with their natural environment. Check out our Enviro Kiosk.

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