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November 13, 2017

Using An Employee Self Service Kiosk To Maximize HR Efficiency 

ROI Maximization With an Employee Self Service KioskHuman Resource departments are necessary across a variety of organizations, and yet employee self service kiosk solutions are often overlooked when it comes to HR optimization. Traditional paper processes drive up HR expenses and paying people to keep all of the repetitive, mundane paperwork in order is also very costly. This all becomes a high price to pay for something that isn’t even part of your revenue earning structure.

By implementing employee self service kiosk technology, you not only cut costs of material expenses, but also put to use a powerful force multiplier.

What do we mean by this? First and foremost, automating the sorts of man hour-guzzling clerical tasks that bog down HR departments in every industry can free up your workforce to focus on the higher level tasks that actually add value to your organization.  In terms of savings & ROI, some institutions have seen as much as 11-times their invest and an overall improvement in system satisfaction after installing an employee self service kiosk solution.

Our team at Advanced Kiosks has been working in this very segment for years, and we are continually optimizing our solutions to create the highest quality solutions for our customers.  For example, we are the only kiosk company that offers HR solutions of document scanning and the ability to upload directly to a database. This is helpful for facilitating workplace automation from manufacturing floor to HR office. When a simple interface just isn’t enough, we implement various add-ons such as printers, VOIP, and more to give the user a whole new level of functionality when taking on an HR task.  This, tied in with our Zamok software, makes for a simple, but flexible, solution. It turns HR processes from frustrating expenses, to a place of optimized performance, contributing to overall profit.

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