Self Service Kiosks for Churches and Sunday School

Advanced Kiosks Freestanding Kiosk web site headerWith the holiday season approaching there is a natural upward trend for church attendance and events hosted at churches across the country. Self service kiosk solutions are becoming increasingly popular and helping church organizers and parishioners keep track of children with church nursery check in, ease the process of tithing and allow attendees to sign up for events or retrieve other important information distributed by the church.

Church Nursery Check In

Church nursery check in for Sunday School or other church programs can now be self serve for parents with the help of computer kiosks. Not only does this relieve bottlenecks and reduce chaos, the technology provides added benefits with security options such as ID scanning. With the event season approaching this can be a huge time saver and convenience for busy families with their hands full, allowing them to quickly and easily check the kids in and get where they need to be.

Event Details & Tithing

After children are safely checked in, the self service kiosk can easily be moved and used for other purposes such as promoting upcoming events, mission details and sign up, or tithing and donations. The ability to make the tithing and contribution process easy, convenient, secure and private is a great benefit for religious organizations and parishioners. A self service kiosk can be placed in virtually any location for high visibility and then conveniently rolled away when those services are not desired. Advanced Kiosks offers many options including credit card readers and receipt printing if desired.

Versatile & Helpful

The list of benefits of self service kiosks for churches is growing as the technology advances. There are many happy church customers realizing new ways to use computer kiosks to create engagement, share information and generally provide more service to their congregation.

Church Customers & Information

Below are some links to articles about satisfied church customers and information, contact us today for guidance in selecting a solution to benefit your organization.

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