Solar-Powered Kiosks Create New Self-Service Opportunities for Remote Locations

Advanced Kiosks has long dominated in the outdoor kiosks market and still is the only company that offers a 3-year warranty.  The company is now offering a solar option that can be added to any outdoor digital kiosk to power the kiosk by the sun, eliminating the costly and time-consuming process involved in installing a power line from the grid. Outfitting a kiosk with solar power also eliminates the need to tear up sidewalks or other locations to lay power lines. 

The solution works for nearly any outdoor location that’s exposed to direct sunlight. Along with the power-saving mode of the Zamok kiosk software, a remote informational kiosk can last for days without any sunlight. 

solar power kiosk

Because remote locations still need Internet access, these kiosks can be outfitted with cellular or StarLink service for network connectivity, ensuring they always display up-to-date information even when located in remote areas. 

Outdoor kiosks in remote locations can provide wayfinding services as well as information on local history and nearby attractions. It’s perfect for parks, cemeteries, colleges, and other large outdoor venues It’s also great for memorials where visitors may be seeking a specific marker such as a tribute brick or inscription. Powering the kiosk via solar panels greatly simplifies the deployment process.

Incorporating solar power into one of Advanced Kiosks’ devices designed for outdoor use opens a host of options for providing information and services to visitors. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

Advanced Kiosks has for nearly 20 years been a leader in developing self-service solutions for many areas where we conduct business, and courthouses are no exception.

Our products make it easy for citizens to check in to appointments with probation officers, file legal documents, apply for permits and perform a host of other court-related functions.

Contact us today to see how we can assist in your courthouse modernization efforts.

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