VOIP Solution Highlight Video from Advanced Kiosks

October 16, 2015

Interactive kiosks have a tremendous amount of functionalities and options, such as VOIP, which we are highlighting today. Here we review Voice Over IP in our Solution Highlight video.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything that a computer kiosk can do, which is why we have started a series of Solution Highlight videos to simply explain some of the most valuable features.

The video shared here will walk you through our Voice Over IP solution that kicks traditional display ads up a few notches. VOIP adds a literal Call To Action to the display advertisements . By using our VOIP solution on your interactive kiosk, you have direct hotline from the computer kiosks straight to the services being advertised. Your customers won’t need your number handy and they won’t have to use their personal cell phones. With VOIP and display advertising, it’s just quick and easy access to the things that visitors want, when they want it. Simple as tap & talk!


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