Self-Service Technology: Strangest Vending Machines

January 12, 2017

When people ask the question, “what is a self-service kiosk?” I often think to use the vending machine or ATM as an example.

It allows the consumer to do this simple task on their own rather than purchasing a soda from a clerk or withdrawing money from a bank teller. Kiosks perform simple tasks so employees in those industries (retail and banking) can focus on more important, complicated tasks.

The vending machine was one of the first self-service inventions, dating back to the early 1600s in England where brass vending machines would vend tobacco. In 1822, the first vending machine to dispense newspapers was invented. So on, and so forth, through the minds of many curious innovators, we now have the modern vending machine as we know it today. Most of the time, these machines dispense packaged snacks and cold beverages. Recently, vending machines have taken a creative twist. Here’s a list of the strangest vending machines and what they dispense. (Click on the hyperlinks to view a video of the product)

The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM


Burgers in Sheremetyevo international airport Moscow (and Japan)


Jeans Vending Machine in Italy


Automated Restaurant in The Netherlands FEBO in Amsterdam


Flip Flops in Australia, Europe, and Indonesia


Flavored Canned Bread in Japan


Live Crabs in China


Skincare Products in United States


Baguettes in Europe and U.S.


Fresh Lettuce in Japan



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