How to Successfully Implement an Information Kiosk

What do you need in an information kiosk?wayfinding group

Information kiosks are becoming an increasingly important tool that captures “400% more views than static displays” (Intel Corp). This means that the old open face letter board isn’t going to cut it anymore. Today, over 83% of people recall noticing some sort of digital signage within the last 30 days. Kiosks are a useful tool to improve the way you are providing information to your customers.

For every purpose, there is a list of recommended kiosks (which is why we prefer to talk on the phone and discuss project plans). Kiosks are not a “one size fits all” project. To find the most effective solution, it takes an explanation of many variables. What problem are you looking to solve? What hardware do you need on the kiosk? Do you need a space saving solution (wall mounted) or a solution with mobility (freestanding)? What type of capability should the kiosk have? How much is your budget for this project? What type of quality, support, and warranty are you expected after purchasing? You came here because you probably searched the internet for “information kiosk”. I’m here to help you understand what that entails and how you can find an information solution quicker than you think.

Tip: print this document out and check the boxes/ circle your answers to remember your decisions and reiterate them to a kiosk project consultant to find the best solution.

What problem does it solve? A lot of prospective customers call us to help them:

⬜ Getting people to notice

⬜ Saving time and effort for clerical employees

⬜ Helping people find their way

⬜ Provide easy access to safety & employee HR documents

⬜ Promote events and trade shows

⬜ Show people the options they have

What type of information are you sharing?

The type of kiosk you decide to implement should depend on the type of information you intend to share. Usually, this can be broken down into a few different purposes for an information kiosk.

⬜ Promotions and advertisements

⬜ Wayfinding

⬜ Personal information

⬜ General information (such as the information you might see at a park).

The problem could be as a simple as wanting the locals to stop feeding the ducks at the park and placing an outdoor kiosk that explains the dangers of feeding wild animals. An information kiosk is simply that, a type of interactive technology that is meant to inform and entice.

What kiosk model type are you looking for?

kiosk model type

A couple quick decisions include: (circle which one)

Deciding these factors can really help single out the specific hardware that best fits your needs. Another consideration would include the add-ons you require for your project. What you need added on will affect the options for kiosk hardware. For example, our full bodied laser printer and scanner are only available on our Document and Laser kiosks. Make a list of what you require to single out the models you can choose from. Here are some examples of common add-ons used on information kiosks. (check the boxes)

kiosk printer


⬜ Barcode scanner

⬜ Laser printer

⬜ Label printer

⬜ Privacy screen

⬜ Full-page flatbed scanner

⬜ Magnetic strip / credit card reader

⬜ VOIP phone handset

⬜ Wheels

What software will you need?kiosk software

Information is such a broad topic, which is why it can be difficult to pin down a single solution. Kiosk software is designed to provide specific solutions such as:

⬜ Kiosk management

⬜ Events and calendar management

⬜ Queuing

⬜ Building directory (maps)

⬜ Remote access support

Deciding what you want the kiosk to do and show to viewers will make it easy to choose what software solutions you require. Information kiosks are placed in zoos, parks, museums, doctor’s offices, manufacturing facilities, employee break rooms, retail stores, trade shows, federal agencies, malls, airports, cafeterias, etc. Any place where information needs to be shared to improve efficiency is a place where an information kiosk belongs.

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