Tablet for a kiosk? Here are some things to remember.

September 7, 2015

Tablets are cool devices, but not for all self service scenarios

Tablet vs Kiosk – Here are Some Pros and Cons to Consider 

Here is an info-graphic that helps in identifying some of the things that you might overlook when considering a tablet as a customer self service tool. Enjoy!

Tablet as a kiosk?

The Needs Will Determine the Better Option, Tablet vs Kiosk

In summary, the two are quite different, here are a few points to remember about and Advanced Kiosks interactive kiosks:

  • An Advanced Kiosks interactive kiosk is a durable, commercial grade quality product.
  • Typically installed in locations where frequent portability is not desired.
  • Rugged and versatile enough to be used by VERY high volumes of end users without issue.
  • Can be left unattended indefinitely, be installed outdoors and be exposed to the elements, and stand the test of time.
  • They are typically not susceptible to theft.
  • Can be managed and monitored remotely.

The investment for an interactive kiosk is more than a tablet would be, but the value and functionality of a kiosk is significant with tangible ROI benefits.


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