Tablet for a kiosk? Here are some things to remember.

Tablets are cool devices, but not for all self service scenarios

Tablet vs Kiosk РHere are Some Pros and Cons to Consider 

Here is an info-graphic that helps in identifying some of the things that you might overlook when considering a tablet as a customer self service tool. Enjoy!

Tablet for a kiosk


The Needs Will Determine the Better Option, Tablet vs Kiosk

In summary, the two are quite different, here are a few points to remember about and Advanced Kiosks interactive kiosks:

  • An Advanced Kiosks interactive kiosk is a durable, commercial grade quality product.
  • Typically installed in locations where frequent portability is not desired.
  • Rugged and versatile enough to be used by VERY high volumes of end users without issue.
  • Can be left unattended indefinitely, be installed outdoors and be exposed to the elements, and stand the test of time.
  • They are typically not susceptible to theft.
  • Can be managed and monitored remotely.

The investment for an interactive kiosk is more than a tablet would be, but the value and functionality of a kiosk is significant with tangible ROI benefits.


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