Take Advantage of CARES Act Funds Before They Expire on 12/31

Made-in-USAThe CARES Act included $685 million to help public housing agencies maintain normal operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, but time to take advantage of those funds is running out.

The Office Extension 2.0 solution from Advanced Kiosks is serving as a robotic office for housing authorities across the country. Office Extension 2.0 allows housing authorities to serve residents where they are, at times that are most convenient for them, in a safe and socially distanced manner. The solution is GSA-approved and ADA compliant.

Best of all, CARES Act funds can be used to implement Office Extension 2.0 in your organization.

To secure your funding, all you need to do is sign a purchase order by the end of 2021. Products can be preordered with CARES Act funding as well.

With Office Extension 2.0, your organization can have a 24/7 presence wherever you choose. With Office Extension 2.0, your clients can:

  • Scan documents and send to any staff email.
  • Fill out forms and submit applications remotely.
  • Print forms, documents, or receipts on demand.
  • Pay bills through third-party portals securely.
  • Place VOIP calls through a directory or slideshow of quick-dial buttons.

The kiosk communicates to your staff via text and email when a customer submits or completes a task. Weekly reports and statistics are also sent from the Advanced Kiosks’ server for a tangible overview of Office Extension 2.0 data. Functionality can be controlled remotely.

These features and more position Office Extension 2.0 as an additional 24/7 robotic office for housing authorities of all sizes. Organizations across the country are using Office Extension 2.0 to improve service, reduce staff workload, and cut costs.

For more information, including pricing, please call Advanced Kiosks at 603-865-1000 or visit https://advancedkiosks.com/products/officeextension/.

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