Interactive Ticket Kiosks: Making the Movies a Blast

The Interactive Ticket Kiosk

The ticket kiosk is a new way to dispense movie tickets more efficiently, saving costs, time, and resources through state of the art technology.

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Optional Features of a movie theater ticket kiosk

These kiosks are most often seen in event halls and movie theaters but can go anywhere a ticket needs to be sold. Here are some of the specific capabilities you might see on interactive ticket kiosks:

  • Card reader
  • Ticket scanner
  • Ticket and receipt printer
  • A touch screen interface
  • Stereo speakers

How ticket kiosks help patrons at the movie theater

You walk into the theater and see that the next showing of the movie you want is in ten minutes!  So, normally in this scenario, you will be likely to miss the start of the movie and then be lost for the entire duration of this ‘award winning film’. With a ticketing kiosk customers will be thrilled to avoid the bottleneck of the ticket booth and get on with the show!



I’m late and need to buy my movie tickets right away

No problem. The ticket kiosk interface is easy to understand and navigate, even for first time users. The screen presented to the user will vary based upon the movie theater software or system in place but will essentially all serve up the same options.

The movie ticket software platform displayed on the ticket kiosk will allow the customer to:

  • Select a movie
  • Select a showtime
  • Select a seat (if assigned seating)
  • Swipe, pay and print!


movie trip gifI already purchased my movie tickets online and I am in a hurry

For those patrons that already bought tickets ahead of time online or with their smartphone. The ticket kiosk will associate the tickets with the credit card used to make the purchase. The user will indicate that they are just picking up movie tickets, swipe and print!

In either case, the customer is quickly on their way with plenty of time left to hit the snack bar!


Maximize ROI while improving customer satisfaction

As the movie theater industry is rapidly adopting self service ticket kiosk technology, theater owners are finding more ways to maximize their use and interact with other existing programs such as customer loyalty rewards, gift certificates and more.

By finding more ways to utilize the ticket kiosks, customer engagement goes up and the benefit of the self service investment continues to grow as well.

AK ticket kiosk hardware

Advanced Kiosks engineers top of the line interactive kiosk hardware, made with commercial grade components. With a variety of models to choose from we proudly offer a comprehensive 3 year warranty that exceeds all others in the kiosk industry. Our kiosks are designed for appeal, function, quality and they are built to last!

AK ticket kiosk built in software

Our built in kiosk software gives full administrative control over the interface, locking it down to ONLY the content you wish to present to the user. Our Zamok Homepage Solution software allows the kiosk admin to easily set up buttons for the user to choose between multiple options. For instance, if the theater wants to allow users to either visit the website or buy tickets or sign up for the loyalty program, they can do that. Most importantly our Zamok interface is very intuitive and user friendly, you don’t have to be an IT genius to set it up, the admin interface for the Homepage Solution is simple and easily be configured by any authorized staff with administrative access.

ticketing kiosk


Your movie theater software

Each kiosk model from AK comes with an internal Windows operating system and is designed to allow businesses to easily integrate and display their existing web based movie theater POS, ticketing or management software. Your platform of choice can be displayed directly on one or more ticket kiosks to interact with your customers.

The best kiosk hardware in the business

The Ticketing Kiosk model shown is the most popular option for movie theater ticket kiosks but there are many different models to choose from.

If you have a vested interest in increasing ticket sales and customer engagement for movie theaters, contact us today at 603-865-1000 or email

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Download the Ticketing Kiosk brochure with our contact information and let us know if you have any questions, or would like to request a quote.



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