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High traffic hubs such as airports are loud, bright, confusing, and service hundreds of thousands of people each day. Often, travelers experience severely long wait times and confusion due to the need for up to date flight information, airport kiosk check in, transportation availability, airport navigation, lost luggage information and other common travel related services. The chaos that comes with navigating an airport can lead to to mishaps such as personal items going missing, missed connections and overall frustration for the patrons. The greatest solution for chaos is organization, and we’ve just elevated that level of organization with the versatile Tower Kiosk, the self serve airport kiosk check in solution that stands out in a crowd!

Standing at over seven feet tall, the Tower Kiosk is a touch screen, airport computer kiosk wrapped in a rugged stainless steel enclosure. Impenetrable and sleek; secure and convenient, this airport kiosk is made to last and looks good doing it. This computer kiosk can help airports automate wayfinding, information, security warnings, international phone services, and lost and found management. This model is versatile, with several hardware and software options available to expand the functionality. Ultra bright LED light strips are incorporated into the design which illuminate the frame of the kiosks and make it extremely easy to find in crowded locations. The LED color settings can easily be configured and changed to accommodate the use and location. For example, the computer kiosk can be set to blue as its normal color and when a security alarm is set off, the LED lights can change to red, alerting users and anyone within proximity by audible alarm and visual flashing lights.

The Tower Kiosk is a useful addition to any crowd congested area where people typically need to stand in line for assistance, particularly in high volume tourist locations. With the wide range of options and capabilities available, the Tower Kiosk provides an array of services and quickly satisfies customers by allowing them to help themselves. Simply put, the Tower Kiosk cuts out the bottlenecks, wait times, staffing costs, and confusion by providing the simple service of organized information distribution. Please watch our 1 minute video to learn more about our newest model, the Tower Kiosk!

Like what you see? Check out our Tower Kiosk brochure to learn even more about our options and specifications. 

airport kiosk check in brochure


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