SPOTLIGHT: Snap-On’s Trade Show Kiosk Solution

Friday night, 6:30 PM and you have 3 weeks till a major conference and the interactive trade show kiosk that’s the main feature of your booth isn’t working. What do you do?   You make things happen.

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In 2017, Snap-On Tools’ Diagnostic Division was in search of a customized trade show kiosk for their annual Franchisee Conference that would be attended by thousands of people. The kiosk had to be able to integrate with a damaged car display and interactively light up the vehicle in certain spots to highlight specific trouble areas. The trade show kiosk would need a touchscreen that described the mechanical solution associated with the lit areas of the car and present information relevant to solving the problem in that location on the vehicle.

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But there was a little problem: about a month before the big day, the contractor Snap-On had been working with determined that they didn’t have the technology to make any of this happen. As a matter of fact, it seemed that nobody did – a solution like this had never been attempted by any kiosk manufacturer on the market.


Snap-On was in a bind, pressed for time, and in need of a kiosk manufacturer with custom engineering capabilities, that thrives on tight deadlines and unanswered questions. That’s where we came in.

Snap-On’s marketing guru performed a little late-night Googling and made an after-hours phone call to the late-night oil burning Advanced Kiosks CEO Howard Horn. After a brief conversation it was clear that this was the job for us.

Despite the obvious obstacles and the three-week timetable to bring all the pieces together, the Advanced Kiosks team was in a great position to tackle this job. This was largely due to the power and flexibility of our flagship Zamok kiosk software. The software is designed and written in a modular format, which allowed for the customization of a lighting control system. Our engineers developed an integration that let Zamok “talk” directly to the controller software, thus granting the user the ability to interactively switch multiple series of lights on and off from the kiosk touchscreen.

Advanced Kiosks head of tech support Marshall Nye remarked that “the specification was done the first day, after two days on a critical schedule we were testing the result from the development group. Not to leave anything to chance, we got the interface for the kiosk from the Snap-On tools Marketing department and put it all together to confirm it all worked. Along with a specialty controller box, the 32 inch Interactive I Kiosks was shipped on time.”

Once completed, it was time to be shipped off to the trade show for the moment of truth. And for that, I’ll defer to Snap-On themselves:

Snap-On Tools Trade Show

“With over 8,000 attendees and thousands of products on display we needed our display to stand out,” remarked Snap-On Diagnostics Marketing Manager Leian Wunderlich. “Advanced Kiosks helped us do just that.”

In addition to the stunning visuals and a deep bench of customization options that added even more value to this already impressive machine, this trade show kiosk in particular perfectly illustrated our ability to build and develop the sort of innovative solutions that competitors simply can’t wrap their minds around. And Snap-On agreed, with Wunderlich saying their custom trade show kiosk “provided an interactive and engaging attendee experience that delivered the needed exposure for this new diagnostic item.”

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From the sales team that supported and maintained constant contact with the folks at Snap-On to the engineers and developers who put their hands to the grindstone to make our software seamlessly integrate with third party peripherals, this project was a prime example of how every member of our team works in perfect synchronization to meet the customization needs of our customers.

At Advanced Kiosks, solutions are what we do best. If your business or organization have a project in need of a kiosk solution, reach out to one of our project consultants today by calling (603) 865-1000 or contact us here.

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