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You walk into a building for the appointment you’re already running late for and the building directory only tells you the floor and the name. You think you’re good to go, but after you exit the elevator on the 5th floor, you don’t know which way. There are multiple hallways to choose from and the anxiety you feel is growing. Wouldn’t it have been nice to know which way to turn? You would have asked the receptionist, but she had a line of 3 people deep, so there wasn’t any time. You sigh and start down one hallway, hoping you chose the right one.

This scenario is one that affects thousands of people every day. A classic building directory just does not cut it anymore in this connected world; there is absolutely no reason why even a small office, healthcare facility, or other organization should not be updating to the virtual front desk. A smart building directory can be used as a stand-alone option, or it can be a complement to your receptionist, helping him or her to become more productive while focusing on higher level customer service.

When you couple a touch screen kiosk with building directory software, such as LobbyAttendant, you create a lobby solution that does many things. First of all, you now have a self-service option which many people prefer in this day and age. With this solution they can find a person in the building through the digital staff directory, locate a specific department they need to and even view a complete map of the building. You even have the option to include multiple maps with starting and ending locations. If your guests still aren’t quite sure where they need to go, a quick touch of a button allows them to call the department to let them know they have arrived, and perhaps, that they require assistance.

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On the other side, you may need your visitors to check in and print a photo ID name tag. You can also do accomplish this, quickly and easily, and customize any questions that you need them to answer before printing the ID name tag. Their information is then entered into a database if you need to reference this information during or after their visit.

Along with properly directing visitors and providing a sign-in process, there is another element to your building directory that is important and that is the marketing function. You can link your company website to the building directory interface and allow guests to interact while using the kiosk. You can also offer surveys, company videos and even whitepapers directly from customizable HOT buttons. The opportunities are endless and completely changeable whenever you like.

Gone are the days of the stagnant and basic building directories. If you haven’t already, now is the time to upgrade your lobby and maximize that prime real estate with a modern, smart solution.

Here we’ve touched on a few of the features that a virtual building directory has, but if you would like to learn more, click HERE.

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