What Is a Kiosk? (and Why Are They so Important?)

What is a kiosk? It might seem like a simple question, but it’s one that we hear all of the time.

Simply put, a kiosk is a self-service machine that empowers users to complete tasks at their convenience and pace. What a kiosk brings to the table is a fully immersive and interactive experience. Self service keeps the users’ interest and they absorb the information being conveyed.

Choosing a kiosk for your business

There are many important factors that come with a choosing a kiosk a business:

There are many things important things to consider when deciding to purchase a kiosk solution for your organization.

At Advanced Kiosks, our very knowledgeable sales team will help you throughout the entire buying experience.  We’ve been in business for over 15 years and sold kiosks to industries of all stripes. We have the experience to provide turnkey solutions for any project you might have in mind.

What will a kiosk be used for in my organization?


There are endless tasks for kiosks in a workplace setting. For example, a church may come in looking for a kiosk to help with Sunday school child check-in. Without a kiosk, most are keeping track of children and their guardians with paper and pen.  Our kiosks offer a secure tamper-proof system and a digital activity log. Additionally, a computer kiosk can print stickers and receipts and offer real time updates to double check attendance.

Another great example of workplace kiosks in action comes from companies looking for self service HR kiosk for their employees to use in the completion of human resources tasks.

hr kiosk

Regardless of business size, many organizations face the problem of having a limited human resources staff who must process HR needs and paperwork for many other employees. With a kiosk, a short staffed HR team streamlines red tape tasks that take up precious time.

At an HR kiosk station, employees can print pay stubs or forms. Add a scanner for ID verification (birth certificates, driver’s license, Social Security cards etc.) and securely transmit scanned items. In addition, these stations can provide company information, policies, training modules, and institutional forms all at the touch of a button.

Who can benefit from a kiosk?

Most small business, large corporations, hospitals, churches, and many other different organizations can greatly benefit from implementing a kiosk, or multiple kiosks.  A kiosk is not the right fit for everyone and our sales representatives can assess your project needs. Tell us what you want to do, and we can help you figure out the best course of action with the right kiosk, the perfect software, and the easy installation.

So, what is a kiosk? With the right vision and implementation, a kiosk is just the thing to amplify the work of your organization.

What is a kiosk and why are they so important? Millions of people use interactive kiosks every day for many reasons, so there are a number of answers to this question. Almost every business or organization can benefit in some way from self service kiosks. Weather it is to increase efficiency, boost sales or just share information about products and services, the rewards are tangible. Information on-demand is what users expect these days and the adoption of interactive kiosks is a win for managers, administrators, IT staff and end users alike.

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