764 HR Professionals Surveyed on Technology Issues

Delivering HR Services in the Modern World

Manufacturing facilities, hospitals, logistics hubs, and other 24-hour operations face a variety of challenges when it comes to providing human resources services to their employees. HR offices are typically only open during weekdays, but a significant portion of the workforce may be on the job at night or the weekends, or work in remote locations not large enough to support a dedicated HR office. That disconnect can make it difficult for employees to accomplish tasks such as submitting vacation requests, updating personal information, or making changes to insurance information.

Complicating those challenges are the dual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and an ongoing labor shortage. Even if an HR office is fully staffed, having face-to-face interactions with employees is likely discouraged, making the delivery of services even more difficult.

To adapt, HR departments around the country are incorporating technology to both cut costs and improve service.

Increasing tech investments

A recent survey of 764 HR professionals across various industries in the United States, conducted by business technology review site TrustRadius, spotlighted some of the issues facing HR departments as well as the ways technology is helping to address those issues.

The survey found that the vast majority of HR teams (74%) feel challenged by the pandemic, with 38% saying they are exhausted. They’re increasingly turning to technology for respite, with 55% of HR professionals saying that their companies are spending more on HR technology right now. Of those, 45% are spending to upgrade their existing tech stack, while 38% are purchasing new tech.

And in many cases, those investments are in self-service technology that allows workers to perform many HR tasks on their own, without the need to interact with a member of the HR team.

Office ExtensionAdvanced Kiosks’ Office Extension 2.0 is the perfect technology solution for providing HR services even when the HR office is closed. Placed in the break room, cafeteria, or other easily accessible location, the kiosk and software solution serves as an extension of your HR department, providing your employees with the best possible experience whenever and wherever they’re on the job.

For a company, deploying Office Extension 2.0 as an HR solution can:

  • Provide 24/7 employee access
  • Reduce HR staffing demands
  • Ensure documentation accuracy
  • Audit and track user activity
  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction

For workers, implementing an Office Extension 2.0 HR solution allows them to:

  • View time clock and payroll information
  • Submit vacation and PTO requests
  • Sign up or make changes to benefit
  • Schedule HR appointments
  • And much more

In addition to these features, the Office Extension 2.0 solution can provide services including MSDS access, the delivery of company communications, and employee orientation and training. When combined with an optional VOIP handset, users can place phone calls through a directory or slideshow of quick-dial buttons. To date, the VOIP handset on existing Office Extension 2.0 deployments has been used to make more than 46,000 calls.

Scan Print Voip Forms

Office Extension 2.0 can also provide the HR department with analytics that can be used to determine the types of services that are most in-demand among workers, increasing employee satisfaction by allowing the department to continually improve the services they provide.

And by eliminating paper-based processes and reducing demand on HR staff, Office Extension 2.0 can trim printing and mailing expenses, save on labor costs, and improve staff retention.

The Office Extension 2.0 HR solution provides employees with 24/7 access to a service portal for all your digital HR resources. Contact us today for more information!

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