Advanced Kiosks Pricing: How do you Price a Kiosk?

Advanced Kiosks Pricing…

Why can’t I find the price right away?

Kiosks are priced based on convenience, efficiency, customization, software add-ons, design add-ons, etc. The price to design a quality product that works best for the customer changes depending on the customer’s needs. This is why most kiosk companies will ask you to submit a form for a quote rather than just throw a price tag on a kiosk. That’s because what comes with the price should be communicated clearly so you can decide whether you need a high end kiosk with a higher price, or a very basic kiosk to help cut cost on the project.  It just so happens that a good old face to face chat is still the best means of assessing your project and making sure you know exactly what we are offering.


Made in U.S.A: We are a small band of engineers and professionals here in small town New Hampshire, and we are proud to say that we purchase and assemble our kiosks right here in the U.S.A. which at times can add to the end cost. However, that is a small price to pay for keeping revenue in our national economy and helping produce jobs and products here rather than importing from places abroad.


American Made


3 Year Warranty: Our kiosks come with a 3 year warranty that covers every bit of the kiosk inside and out. Cheaper options usually have shorter warranties or 3 year warranties that only cover the metal frame. We know our kiosks last, and that’s why there’s little risk for us in giving a long warranty.


3 Year Warranty

Quality engineering: We are all in when it comes to quality engineering to produce the best product possible for the price. Our team, although small (under 15 people!), comes with a wide variety of experience from former NASA engineers, Ford Mustang Designers, to experienced hardware specialists that are constantly collaborating to improve designs for function and longevity.

Quality Engineering and Design

Free software included: Our kiosks don’t come with just any off the shelf kiosk management software, we include our own in-house program Zamok – Our exclusive security and kiosk management software. This software will protect your kiosk computer just as much as the durable exterior protects the kiosk itself.  Add-ons such as Events Crier and Lobby Attendant are inexpensive and are compatible with Zamok as well.

Zamok Logo Vertical

Easy to use: Our computers and software are both custom built off of Windows 10, making them easy to use and accessible. This means less time spent helping your customers use the kiosk and less time spent calling for technical support.

Document Kiosk In Use

WiFi and Ethernet Accessible: Our kiosks are Ethernet and Wi-fi compatible so you don’t have to keep your kiosk attached to a wall to have your intended users look at your web content.

WiFi and Ethernet Accessibility

If you’re the kind of person who looks for the long term deal, appreciates fine engineering, and wants efficiency and convenience at the tip of your finger, then our product may be a perfect fit.

Interested in the whole package deal?

You can contact sales for more information about Advanced Kiosks’ Pricing at…

or call…


Or drop in at…

134 Hall Street, Units F/G

Concord, NH 03301

You get the gist.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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