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Make the influx of attendance and special events of the holiday season smoother by offering parishioners the advantages of using a church giving kiosk.

Churches nationwide have seen a decrease in attendance over the past few years but maintain a consistently strong base of people of faith. Reasons for this are varied and in response to this, many churches and religious organizations are making improvements and adopting new products that help support their devoted churchgoing community. Part of this trend includes technology that is designed to provide assistance and engage such as church giving kiosks. What churches are now realizing is the functionality and benefit of a church kiosk expands into many areas that benefit families and church staff.

Currently, 73% of the U.S. identifies as Christian, but only 31% of them are practicing faith in a church. Out of that 31%, just over half attend services weekly. In addition to this statistic, studies show that approximately 1 in 10 people no longer carry physical money on their person. In a world where the overall economic trend is moving away from keeping cash on you at all times; giving parishioners the ability to donate electronically has led to many churches seeing a huge increase in overall donations. These statistics illustrate that the demographic of the average parishioner has changed and contributions may reflect that.

Advantages of Church Giving Kiosks

As POS technology and self serve options continue to grow within the country, churches are embracing these innovations more and more. Not only is it more convenient, but self serve tithing solutions are a much more secure, private, and flexible way to give to the church. The utilization of church kiosks for tithing has many advantages, here are a few:

Some people feel more comfortable donating privately rather than putting cash into the collection plate. Church giving kiosks come with an optional privacy screen, so people behind the person using the kiosk cannot see what is on the screen. Advanced Kiosks come with built in software called Homepage Solution that allows the church giving kiosk to also display multiple causes and ways to contribute if desired. This way the parishioner can choose specifically what they would like to donate to. Depending upon the church software being used the person donating can also choose to contribute anonymously.

Unfortunately, even collection plates are susceptible to theft or monies can be misplaced. In the event that a church giving kiosk is ever tampered with in any way the administrator is notified immediately. This will help parishioners feel at ease with their donation to the church knowing their generous gift is in safe hands.

Church giving kiosks are flexible in design, capability, and mobility. They can come in many different color options and be customized to include hardware add-ons such as a credit card reader, ticket and receipt printer, side table, palm scanner, camera, VOIP phone service, and much more. There are also several model options, ranging in size and form. Available models include counter top kiosks, wall mounted kiosks and freestanding kiosks with the lightweight design to easily roll and move to different locations. Church identity, logo or messaging graphics can be applied to appropriately represent the organization or cause.

Advanced Kiosks designs the commercial grade hardware of church giving kiosk to smoothly pair with a multitude of church software platforms popular throughout the country. If your church or religious organization is currently using web based software to manage church operations, it will run on our church kiosks.

Some popular industry software options include:

and many other web based software platforms.

More than just Tithing
While computer kiosks are a perfect solution for tithing, that’s just the start of what churches are using kiosks for. Computer kiosks are also great solution for child check-in, information distribution, wayfinding, events, and advertisement. Using a homepage solution, a computer kiosk can be quickly and easily set up to display a combination of options for parishioners, or separate church kiosks can be used for specific functions.

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