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Regardless of what industry you are in, if you are assessing the benefits of self service technology and computer kiosks, the topic of software is going to come up. Advanced Kiosks is leading the charge in engineering self service solutions, for both computer kiosk hardware and computer kiosk software. This gives our company the ability to meet the needs and solve problems better than anyone in the business.

Computer kiosk software: Either you have it, or you need it 

The good news is, no matter which group your are in, Advanced Kiosks has a solution. For customers that are not currently using an industry specific management platform, all computer kiosks from Advanced Kiosks come standard with the Zamok software. This built in software includes tools such as Home Page which allows customers to quickly and easily create an interface for users directing them to specified web based locations or content as desired. Zamok software provides total control over what appears on the screen and locks down the interface to prevent users from making unwanted changes. Below is an example screen which can be easily customized to match a company’s brand, color and purpose as needed.

computer kiosk software interface

You Already Use Software for Your Business

In many industries, businesses have adopted or implemented management software that fits the specific needs of that industry. This is the case in virtually every field and particularly with bigger companies or organizations with multiple locations.
Some industry specific software examples include:

  • StorEDGE Software (For the Self Storage Industry)
  • RepTrax Software (For the Healthcare Industry)
  • Workday Software (For Human Resources industry)

The great news is that Advanced Kiosks computer kiosks can easily integrate with hundreds of industry specific web based or windows based management tools. This makes implementation a breeze and just boosts the ROI and benefit on what is already in place for our customers.

You Access Your Business Software Via the Internet

In most cases, the computer kiosk can be directed to a web site or web based application for instant, seamless integration.

Your Business Software runs on Windows

All of our computer kiosk models come with a fully licensed Windows operating system to run locally installed applications as desired.

There are many reasons why businesses around the globe are choosing to display information and automate tasks on a computer kiosk. The benefits vary widely per industry but it all comes down to smart business and improving the bottom line while making users happy.

If you have questions about kiosk software compatibility and third party applications, please contact: sales@advancedkiosks.com or call one of our project consultants at: 603-865-1000.