Create Engaging Experiences for Your Kiosk Users

Creative Services. Those are graphic designers, copywriters, video production guys, right? It’s a subset of Marketing. Why do I need that for my self-service kiosks?

Whether your interactive kiosks educate, engage, serve or sell, you need to be intentional about user experience (UX). How easy do your customers find your kiosk to use? How well does the kiosk represent your brand? Do you want to engage and delight your customers, or just get them through their interactions with as little stress as possible? Creative Services professionals work with you to design and deliver optimum customer experiences – in person, online, or at a kiosk.

Beyond the Metal Box: UX Design

School Spirit Interface Kiosk Design

Kiosk interface designed for schools

We’ve been saying it for years. It’s baked into the Advanced Kiosks Advantage: A kiosk is more than a bootable box. It’s a self-service solution, but it only works if it (1) fits your business process, (2) integrates with your existing systems, and (3) engages your target customers.

Today’s computer kiosks are interactive digital displays. If you’ve tried to point them at your existing web content and ended up with disgruntled users, then you already know interactive display design has its own set of rules. An increasingly tech-savvy public demands intuitive user experiences. Expectations have changed. People aren’t willing to type, scroll and hunt for the X on touchscreen kiosks like they did 10 years ago.

Think of a self-service kiosk as an Internet of Things (IoT) device – and, indeed, it can be one, if you want it to be. Every IoT device, from smart TVs to smart toilets, is a specific physical machine that comes with a specific, custom-designed digital experience. When a customer uses your smart kiosk, they don’t want a laptop or smartphone digital experience. They want an interactive display digital experience. That’s why your kiosks need creative services, experts who can design a user experience unique to them.

Physically & Digitally Creative

Just like any IoT device, interactive kiosks offer infinite design possibilities for how they look, work and engage. At Advanced Kiosks, when our engineers team up with our creative services experts, you get custom kiosk design that integrates hardware, software and user experience into one harmonious whole. A one-stop shop for all your industrial and digital design needs — or should we say dreams?

We pride ourselves on being self-service innovators. If you can dream it, we can build it and integrate it. Advanced Kiosks has pioneered controlled entry and biometric kiosk technology. With the addition of our Creative Services unit, we can customize your kiosk’s form, function and how users engage with it.

Who Do You Trust for Kiosk Creative Services?

There are lots of creative services firms out there, and some of them even specialize in interactive digital display design. But Advanced Kiosks has been a leader in the interactive kiosk industry since the beginning. We’re talking way back when people were asking, “What’s a computer kiosk?”

We know kiosk hardware and software inside and out. We’ve customized self-service solutions for every industry. Who else would you trust to design your kiosk user experience?

In the next few months, you’re going to hear a lot from us about Kiosk Creative Services. We’ll share tips, tricks, hacks and how-to’s. But why wait? If you’re ready to start getting intentional about providing the best self-service customer experience, contact Advanced Kiosks technical project consultants today.


Written by Amy Robison, contributing author

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