DMV Kiosks: Bringing Back the DMV’s Good Name

The DMV self service kiosk is changing how people think about the necessary visit to the DMV for license renewal and more. It’s been a sad, running joke for many years that most dreaded line to be standing in is one at the DMV. When we think about going to the DMV, we envision long lines, confused customers and clerks, and no way to know how long you’ll be waiting. DMV kiosks are now changing the landscape with customer self service.

DMV kiosks are improving wait times


DMV facilities and other Government agencies are reducing wait times and lines, and bringing the good name of the DMV back into public consciousness by using self service kiosks. DMV kiosks have been around for some time now and the DMVs who are using them are able to share their incredible value.  Imagine being in and out, with your new printed registration, all without waiting for who knows how long in one or more lines and maybe without even setting foot inside of the building.  Planning a trip to the DMV no longer needs to be an all-day commitment.

Benefits of DMV Kiosks 

DMVs who are changing the perception of who they are, insist on providing customers with the best experience while they are visiting.  Many different DMV’s around the country want to shorten their lines, and therefore wait times, which creates a better customer service experience while saving money at the same time.  To do this, the kiosks are placed in their offices, and at off-site locations, in order for customers to “visit the DMV” with ease.

The off-site kiosks are sometimes called “DMV in a Box” and have many potential uses.  The services different DMVs need these self service kiosks to provide vary, but may include license renewal, duplicate printing, as well as registration renewal and printing for cars, trailers, and boats.  Some DMV’s are teaming up with other government agencies and are creating self-payment kiosks for multiple uses.  Other DMV’s are becoming partners with the judicial system so that court ordered fines can be paid at the self service kiosks as well.  DMV kiosks are revolutionizing the DMV experience. They not only are helping to improve the customer experience by eliminating the dreaded wait, but they are also providing them with the ability to do more at the DMV than just renewing licenses and other DMV-specific tasks.

Three DMVs in New York are participating in a customer service initiative called “Transforming DMV”.  Transforming DMV is all about making the customer experience the best it possibly could be, and the main goal is to decrease wait times in the DMV lines by 50 percent.  When looking to transform the DMV into a better customer experience, self-service technology was one of the most important additions.

DMV Self Service Kiosk Success Stories

Self-service technology is being implemented in the New York DMV’s to transform the way it works.  According to a press release by the NY DMV, the technology includes: a self-service queuing system, self-service DMV kiosks, apps for smart phones, and a VOIP telephone system.  The queuing system will allow customers to save their spot in line from home or a smart phone.  The DMV kiosks can renew licenses, registrations (vehicle, boat, or trailer).  New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles was named one of the nation’s best DMV’s.  The self service kiosks used at the New York DMV have processed more than 300,000 kiosk transactions per year.  The registration renewals in these DMV’s are called “paperless registrations”.  A self service kiosk is the most efficient and cost worthy asset to any DMV, as it can accomplish many different tasks while letting the customer choose exactly what the need to do and expediting the time they can do it in.


Delaware DMV offices are using kiosks for more than just renewing registrations and licenses.  They are placing these “DMVs in a box” all around the state so that people can use these self-payment DMV kiosks to pay anything they need to.  The Department of Health and Social Services’ Division of Child Support Enforcement has paired up with the DMV.  The outcome of this is that now court ordered child support payments can be paid through four of the self-payment kiosks to provide immediate credit.  Division of Child Support Enforcement Director Ted Mermigos said, “We are always looking for better ways of doing business and to bring convenience to our customers”.

In Nevada, DMV’s in a Box are being used on off-site locations around the state so it does not take a trip to the DMV to complete a transaction.  There are currently around 20 off-site DMV in a Box locations that accept checks, debit cards and credit cards.  The Nevada DMV is creating more value by charging certain processing fees for the type of transactions that are being processed.  Averaging 276 transactions a day, there is an increase in the use of self-service technology which then creates shorter lines at the DMV offices.  Implementing the different processing fees brings a new type of revenue to the DMV.  Essentially, with this fee, the self service kiosk could pay for itself in a short time and be a revenue source for years to come.

Through implementing kiosks at the DMV offices, DMVs will start to see less appointments, smaller lines, and clerks have a virtual assistant helping them to increase productivity.  Having kiosks in the DMV creates a better experience for everyone.  Allowing the customer to choose whether they want to work with a clerk, or with a self service kiosk, enhances the customer experience by providing a choice and putting the control in the customer’s hands.  By having a processing fee like the Nevada’s DMV, the value can increase even more.  A DMV self service kiosk is a win/win for the customers using them and for the DMV assisting their valuable, busy employees.

Kiosk Queuing Software 

Advanced Kiosks software, Qline, could help DMV’s even more.  The software allows customers to “sign in” on the kiosk and fill in a few questions.  These questions could help filter the customer’s needs and send them to the proper clerk, as certain clerks are in charge of completing certain tasks.  The clerks would utilize this self-service technology to assist in DMV customer flow management. This will reduce wait times by ensuring the customers have the right information before they enter the line, and that they are routed to the correct clerk. DMV kiosks can have driver’s license scanners added to the queuing process which will auto populate the fields on forms with standard information from the 2D barcode on the license.  This will reduce time even further because they would not have to fill out the forms manually.





DMV Directors are attempting to create the best experience for every customer, as well as their employees. By investing in these DMV kiosks, their customers will not have to plan an entire day to get their registration or license renewed and their employees will not feel so rushed and overworked.  The self service kiosks are able to print new licenses, registrations and stickers that go on the license plates.  A customer can come into the DMV, approach a kiosk, fill out the information, pay and continue on the rest of their day.  Placing off-site kiosk locations creates even less traffic in the already busy DMV offices.

GSA Contracts

Advanced Kiosks develops commercial grade self service kiosk hardware for a wide variety of government and municipality applications. Additionally, we are an approved vendor to the ‘General Services Administration (GSA) Advantage! Online shopping website’. Advanced Kiosks offers any GSA Advantage members a significant discount on products and services.

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