How Employee Kiosks Can Help Human Resources

October 28, 2016

Have you ever repeatedly asked someone to do a thing that would literally take them a minute to do, and yet they forget to do it?

employee kiosk

Get frustrated because you’re the person always forgetting to fill out that form or bring in your I.D for HR? We’ve all been on both sides of the spectrum here. It can be really annoying.



That’s why employee kiosks are growing in the HR industry as a tool to help connect the annoyed with the forgetful.


We know it sounds crazy, but bear with us here.

employee kiosks

Employee kiosks are multifunctional office kiosks that serve as a virtual representative of a Human Resources department. In cases where the work force largely outweighs the HR staff, these kiosks serve to assist HR with:

  • Helping employees fill out paperwork
  • Print and scan capability
  • Creating a contact between employees and HR
  • Notifications to HR detailing completion of tasks
  • Management of payroll and time clock
  • Time off requests, MSDS access


thank you


At Advanced Kiosks, our employee kiosk model “Document Kiosk” is a good example of how one of these kiosks are designed. Commonly, these types of kiosks include:

  • A phone with an extension to HR (this includes a type of software that controls minutes for calls)
  • A printer and scanner to send and receive documents from the officedocument employee kiosks
  • Limited internet access for sending e-mails
  • An attachable side table to fill out paperworkright-there
  • A card reader for card based time clocks
  • A Keyboard to be able to respond to time-off and other HR requests



So if this is your year so far in HR,









you may want to reconsider your options.

it's true






We’ve all forgot to:

fill out paperwork


bring in two forms of identifications


put in a time-off request for that Wednesday you need off


Save important files

go better

Print that important thing for HR


look at our e-mail for HR notifications


So if you want to be the “world’s best boss” you better start thinking about an employee kiosk.



Since I’ve taken so much time

looking at gifs this morning…



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