How Employee Kiosks Can Help Human Resources

A day in the life of an HR professional and the impact of an employee kiosk

Employee kiosks are interactive, multi-functional office portals that serve as a virtual representative of a Human Resources department and more.

Have you ever asked an employee to do something like fill out a form, and yet they forget to do it? As a result, you have to seek them out and repeatedly request that this task get addressed because essentially, your job is to make sure that it happens. Sound familiar? Examples like this are common in large companies, particularly manufacturing companies where there are many employees without computer access and potentially multiple shifts that are active beyond the typically HR hours, making it difficult to coordinate meetings and convey information.


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These are some of the reasons why employee kiosks are in demand in the HR industry as a tool to help connect individuals in the workplace around the clock and streamline tasks!

Maine Kiosk Project In cases where the work force largely outweighs the HR staff, these kiosks serve to assist HR with things like:

  • Helping employees fill out paperwork
  • Printing, scanning and submitting documents
  • Scheduling appointments between employees and HR
  • Notifications to HR staff detailing completion of tasks
  • Management of payroll and time clock
  • Time off requests, MSDS information access
  • Promote and communicate new programs

Document Kiosk

Not all are created equal

At Advanced Kiosks, our interactive kiosks integrate smoothly with virtually any existing web based HR or Payroll system. The built in kiosk software and security features ensure ID verification, screen privacy and tamper proof restricted access as desired by your administration team. Each company has unique needs and can choose from a variety of features and options to provide the employee services that best fit your organization.

Our most popular employee kiosk model is known as the Document Kiosk. Commonly, these kiosks are configured to include:

  • A VOIP phone handset to call the HR staff
  • A printer and scanner to send and receive documents
  • Limited internet access for sending e-mails
  • An attachable side table to fill out paperwork
  • A card reader for card based time clocks

Advanced Kiosks is more than just a kiosk metal shop, we are an experienced team of engineers, well versed in providing self service technology and capable of customizing any project from start to finish.

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Watch this video about our turn key solutions: Human Resources Employee Kiosk Solutions Video

Employee kiosks provide instant value for all

If you are an HR professional, you are well aware that your role is vital and decreasing the amount of time you spend pushing paper and facilitating everyday tasks is of significant value to your organization. Employee kiosks allow you to make more time for bigger projects and administrative duties that help the company prosper. In addition, employees are very much in favor of having self service kiosks and on-demand access to information and tools when they need them!

Check out some of our Blogs about HR related projects. If you think your organization could benefit from self service, contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our project managers.

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