HR Self Service Kiosks for Changing Job Market

HR Self Service Kiosks for a Changing Job Market

November 28, 2017

If you’d asked 16 year old me whether I’d one day be writing a blog about HR self service kiosks, my response would have been “What? Wait … great Scott! You’re from the future? What’s 2017 like?”

Future solutions

And that’s basically the point of everything that follows.

Back in high school, my Marketing teacher Mr.O’Conner used to tell our class that each of us was going to have 15 jobs in our lifetime and that at least five of them didn’t exist yet. At the time, I thought it was a little hard to believe, but with the U.S. Department of Labor’s estimate that 65% of today’s grade school age kids will end up at jobs that don’t exist yet, I’m beginning to think Mr. O’Connor was sugar coating things for us.

There’s no denying that the nature of work has gone through some massive changes in the last several years. The days of the gold watch retirement gift from the company you’ve spent decades working for have been replaced by a rise in contract work,  rapid job switching in search of more opportunity, and side hustles.

HR self service kiosks paperwork

What does all this mean for already overworked Human Resources departments without HR self service kiosks tools? Put quite simply: More work.

From federal tax forms and benefit enrollment forms to company policies and background checks, employee onboarding is already a paperwork intensive process. But when you crank up the speed at which these things occur and add the sea of paperwork that comes with departing employees, your HR team can easily find itself trapped in an endless swirl of paper pushing.

How much paper pushing? Well, according to a survey from TotalJobs, the average HR department can spend nearly 10% of their work week on administrative tasks alone. While these duties are important to any HR team, we’re talking about a part of your business that’s unrelated to your revenue stream spending nearly a tenth of their time on mundane paperwork. Putting costs aside, this kind of bureaucracy greatly distracts your HR department from big picture employee development tasks that actually add value to your business.

HR Document Kiosk

Yes, work has changed, but so have the tools we perform it with. Enter HR self service kiosks from Advanced Kiosks.

Whether it’s scanning identification documents for I-9 verification or completing or mandatory training tutorials, an employee self service solution like our Document Kiosk is a potent weapon in the fight against the workday draining tasks your HR team is currently saddled with.

But the benefits don’t end with first day administrative tasks. When implemented correctly, HR self service solutions from Advanced Kiosks bring a deep bench of assets that support your employees throughout the life cycle of their time with your company:

  • Connect with employees and communicate company news and events
  • Secure access to payroll data
  • Enroll in and manage 401K and other benefits programs
  • 24/7 access to all company forms and documents
  • Manage and submit time off requests’
  • And much more!

There’s no telling what kind of loops the ever-changing nature of the workforce is going to throw us for in the future. But even if we one day find ourselves side hustling as independently contracted drone pilots delivering packages on the planet Mars, HR self service kiosks are still going to be there to cut down on the paperwork.

Come to think of it, especially on Mars. Not a whole lot of trees for paper production there.

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