Kiosk Self-Service Knowledgebase

Installing Lobby Attendant on a device other than our standard kiosk computer may require additional steps. While Lobby Attendant will run on either a x86 or x64 Windows OS, its installer only works out-of-the-box on an x86 system. It requires a copy of SQL server 2008 Express R2, which it installs as a prerequisite. The Lobby Attendant  installer downloads and installs the x86 version of SQL. On a x64 OS this will fail, and prevent the rest of Lobby Attendant from installing. If you are running a x64 OS, download and install the server before Lobby Attendant installation.  A link to the x64 version is available at:
Install the SQL server with the default settings. Once installed, proceed with the standard Lobby Attendant installer. It should detect it as a prerequisite and continue with a normal installation. 
If you encounter any connection issues, or it fails to log in, there may be rules on your network blocking the authentication traffic. Ensure that zamok.advancedkiosks.com is allowed by your firewall/network, and that WebSocket protocol is allowed for traffic running through port 80, TCP. Also, make sure the system clock is synchronized, and the time is set by selecting your timezone, not by manually adjusting the clock. If the time is off, then the license check with the server will fail.