“Kiosk machines are great”- Sloths

November 15, 2016

These sloths want you to know why kiosk machines are awesome.

Kiosk machines are increasing all across the world right now. They serve as directories, information guides, check-in services, lobby attendants, and to place your order at restaurants. Kiosks are cost and time-efficient, which gives everyone time to do more important and interesting things, like look at sloth gifs all day. Sloths are both cute and super lazy so they totally understand why making life as easy as possible is important. Here’s some reasons why sloths love kiosk machines.

They are energy efficient. Sloths obviously understand how important conservation is. (Sloths conserve digested leaves in their stomachs for up to 25 days per leaf).


kiosk retail wall kiosk cover


Kiosk machines decrease the need to use paper. Rather than handing out paperwork and informational sheets kiosks display the information on a screen so we don’t have to chop as many trees down for paper products. (Sloths are almost entirely arboreal, meaning they live most of their lives in trees)




Kiosks save time. Sloths don’t have time to wait in line for directions, or information. They don’t even have time to groom themselves, which is why they turn green during rainy season. Sloths don’t have time to wait in line, and neither do you.




Kiosk machines create beautiful and interactive images and displays for information and advertisement. (Sloths can see color but their vision is not very acute so they definitely appreciate large, colorful images).


kiosk Ticketing_Kiosk-Closeup


Sloths are not into crowds. They live on their own for most of their life, which means they like to get the information they need and stay away from crowded streets like the ones in NYC. They are your typical introvert, and introverts love technology.




Sloths’ bodies do not regulate heat. If it gets too cold out, they are inactive until the temperature is suitable again. Cold spells can be dangerous, because if it never gets warmer the sloth can’t move to eat more leaves and will starve. Sloths would like to have a kiosk machine that can produce food and feed them so that they won’t have to withstand the cold.


Kiosk machines can come in custom colors and designs so they can match the kiosk machine to the algae on their coat.




Sloths are nocturnal, which is why having 24/7 information and support is necessary. Offices usually close around 5, which is a couple hours before the sloth even wakes up to party.




If you’d like to get some solid (non-sloth based) facts about kiosk machines go to advancedkiosks.com

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