The Kiosk Rescue Program, Get That Computer Kiosk Up and Running!

In response to customer requests to salvage defunct computer kiosks of all variations, the New Hampshire-based manufacturer is adding the Kiosk Rescue program to its line of products and services. With the dual goal of maintaining their commitment to superior customer service and expanding their line of self-service solutions, Advanced Kiosks is rolling out an all new computer Kiosk Rescue service.


Broken Kiosk

With its origins as a Design and Development company (, the New Hampshire-based manufacturer has always gone after the most challenging projects. Requests for repairing poorly configured or defective kiosks started about three years ago, but over time CEO and President Howard H. Horn realized that the demand for dead kiosk repairs was increasing. This service has now evolved into a whole new product offering for Advanced Kiosks and a growing demand for businesses who are struggling with an investment that just didn’t work out.

“With so many sectors of the economy working to cut costs and streamline workflow, it’s no surprise that self-service technology is in the midst of major boom. But as many of our repair customers would probably tell you, not all kiosks are created equal,” remarked Horn. “From hardware failure to no software, to wiring issues, we’ve come across a lot of kiosk designs that would not met the production standards of our factory floor. We’ve always done our best to help customers who found themselves in a jam with an interactive kiosk investment that is failing. We know how much businesses rely on self-service nowadays and we have decided that it’s time we designated this as an official service offered by Advanced Kiosks.”

The Kiosk Rescue Program

While the company acknowledges that every Kiosk Rescue project will be different, it has outlined a minimum set of qualifications that every kiosk must meet to be eligible for the rescue service:

  • Operating System: The Kiosk must be based on Windows 7 or Windows 10. Currently, Advanced Kiosks does not support Mac or Linux.
  • Basic Function: The kiosk must be able to power on and navigate to the Windows Desktop.
  • Connectivity: The kiosk must have a consistent and reliable internet connection (a minimum of 10 Mbps download speed)

Before taking on a project, all customers will undergo a short project review with technical support in order to determine the scope of the problem, what the kiosks need to be able to do, and whether the Kiosk Rescue program is a good fit for them, or as Horn puts it, “There are some situations that are going to require too much work and we do not want our customer’s throwing good money after bad.”

If a project has been approved for Kiosk Rescue, the support team will use their software to remote into the kiosk and conduct a thorough diagnostic check. In some cases, the company will request that the kiosk computer be shipped to our factory for inspection or repair. Following the diagnosis, the team will determine if a repair is possible and what hardware or software additions may be needed to get the kiosks up and running. Finally, and with the approval of the customer, the technical support team will go about the task of repairing the kiosk.

Although Advanced Kiosks makes clear that they cannot guarantee the outcome of every repair project, they have added a special deal for their customers in the event of an unsuccessful Kiosk Rescue. Dubbed the Rescue Rebate, the deal allows customers to apply 100% of the labor costs of their Kiosk Rescue toward the purchase of a new kiosk from Advanced Kiosks.

Why Advanced Kiosks Has Emerged As the “Go To”

The edge that Advanced Kiosks has and what makes us stand out is the in-house innovation and engineering resources. Years of experience designing high quality computer kiosk hardware and developing kiosk software has equipped them with the unique ability to support, customize, diagnose, repair and improve self-service kiosk solutions more than the average kiosk vendor.

This provides many advantages for the interactive kiosk consumer such as better performance, a versatile solution that is up and running quickly, customization to fit the business’ needs, and ongoing support and technical guidance.

Kiosk Software Makes It All Possible

Although every individual Kiosk Rescue project is unique, Advanced Kiosks has designated its Zamok Kiosk Software suite as the driving force behind most of its successful repair efforts.

Zamok is the company’s own kiosk management software suite and among other things, is what makes it possible for our technical support team to remotely support any kiosk in the field. This powerful toolset comes pre-installed on every new kiosk that Advanced Kiosks builds and ships and is now a critical resource for rescuing kiosks around the country.
In contrast to the kiosk software that plagues so many of their Kiosk Rescue projects, Zamok is an all-in-one software solution that supports: kiosk administration, communication tools, interface templates and seamless integration with third party software, content, and hardware.

Advanced Kiosks is leading the industry in the development of self-service software. Each one of their products is designed and assembled in the company’s Franklin, New Hampshire headquarters.

For more about the Kiosk Rescue program or any of the company’s self-service solutions, please visit the company website or contact sales at Advanced Kiosks to rescue a computer kiosk today.

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