Outdoor Kiosks a Growing Self-Service Segment

red-river-valley-veterans-memorial-visitors-info-enviro-outdoor-kioskInteractive kiosks have long proven their value when it comes to self-service applications indoors, but they’re increasingly dominating the outdoor space as well.

One study projects the global self-service kiosk market will reach $22.8 billion by the end of 2027, up from $17.5 billion in 2020. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 4% over the period, with outdoor kiosks expected to be a major driver of that growth.

Nearly any transaction that one might undertake outdoors, in nearly any situation, is a candidate for an interactive kiosk machine. Anything that calls for information to be provided to a user can be handled by a kiosk as well.

Wayfinding in a park, for example, was once accomplished either by asking a guide – assuming one was available – or by trying to make sense of a sun-bleached map hung on a post or placed under a cloudy piece of glass. Today, an interactive kiosk can provide step-by-step directions, looking crisp and clean in the process.


Red River Valley Veterans Memorial Visitors Info Enviro Solar-powered Outdoor Kiosk

At a cemetery or memorial monument, a kiosk can provide directions to a gravesite, plaque or memorial brick. At an amusement park, a kiosk can dispense tickets or wristbands outside the front gate, freeing up staff to provide more personalized service.

Kiosks can even help the trees sing. The Rocks at Harbor Way, a new public park in Boston’s Seaport District, features a first-of-its-kind audio installation that turns the movement of maple trees in the park into sounds.

Singing Trees, a system designed by Marina Del Ray, Calif.-based Data Garden, leverages an audio device called PlantWave. The installation uses electrodes placed onto the trees to measure electrical variations in leaves. Those variations are then transmitted to PlantWave devices installed in four kiosks located around the park, where they are turned into sound. The kiosks were designed and manufactured by Advanced Kiosks.

Outdoor Kiosk
Outdoor Kiosk

Up to the task

Placing a self-service device outdoors does come with a unique set of considerations, though.

The kiosk needs to be able to handle extremes in temperature and still function flawlessly. It needs to be able to withstand the effects of moisture. It needs to be resistant to vandalism, and it needs to be bright enough to be seen in any lighting conditions.

Advanced Kiosks’ outdoor kiosks meet or exceed those requirements. The company has nearly 20 years of experience building outdoor solutions for a variety of self-service projects. All of its outdoor kiosks come with sunlight-readable monitors of at least 1100 nits and are finished in a powder coat to ensure protection from the elements.

Advanced Kiosks is the only company that offers a 3-year warranty on its outdoor kiosks, with many of its projects running outdoors long past the end of that warranty.

And in many cases, those kiosks can be outfitted with solar panels, eliminating the cost and hassle of providing power. The solution works for nearly any outdoor location that’s exposed to direct sunlight, opening a host of options for providing information and services to users.

Placing a self-service kiosk outdoors opens a host of opportunities for all types of venues. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

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