A Patient Check In System You Can Count On

With over 10,000 dental patients each year, University of the Pacific was certain of one thing: They were in need of a new patient check in system.

University of the Pacific’s Arthur Dugoni School of DentistryLocated in the center of downtown San Francisco at a state-of-the-art $151 million dollar campus, the University of the Pacific’s Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry is a nationally renown dental university that strives to deliver top of the line dental education to students and quality care to those who sought treatment at the facility.

Under their old process, patients were required to check-in at a reception desk with a member of Pacific Dugoni’s staff, who would provide them with a bar code-enabled ID badge that allowed them to  cross a turnstile barrier and access the clinical floor.

Because this paper and staff driven process created bottlenecks for patients, we were approached in order to help them bring the different pieces together in order to develop a self service driven patient check in system that would seamlessly integrate with their turnstiles.

University of the Pacific presented us with the workflow they’d like the patients to follow, and we worked closely with the school and their contractors in order to design the system to their exact specifications. This included building a software application that interfaced indirectly with their scheduling system that was intuitive, multilingual, and most importantly, reliable.

IKIOSK In 2014, we installed five I Kiosks in the main lobby utilized by Pacific Dugoni’s patients. Taking over the school’s patient check in system needs, the kiosks would allow patients to sign in upon arrival and print out an individualized bar code ID and allowed them to cross the turnstiles upon verification with the access control system that we installed as a continual line of communication between the kiosks and the turnstiles.

This entire set up was designed to run on our Zamok Platform, which allows qualified individuals to remotely monitor the workflow and security of the kiosks from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone in the world.

“We are the first dental school to have this kind of controlled entry system that uses kiosks, turnstiles and seamless integration into our clinic management system,”says Raybel Ramos, the school’s Director of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Going on to say that the new patient check in system helped to ensure “the privacy and safety of everyone in the building.”

The fleet of check-in I Kiosks installed at University of the Pacific’s Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry stands as a valuable case study for the ability of Advanced Kiosks solutions to adapt and integrate with a wide variety preexisting processes and mechanisms.



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