Personalized Retail Kiosks for the Self Service Age

The digital age has brought on many new challenges and opportunities for retail small businesses. Consumers now expect retailers to offer a variety of shopping choices from a multitude of platforms as well as advanced personalization, such as remembering previous shopping habits and related products of interest. Self service kiosk technology is changing the retail experience with an extended selection of endless aisle products, customer service, the pick up in store user experience, inventory management, targeted digital signage, brand awareness, and so much more. 

According to the National Retail Federation, 80% of consumers agree that online shopping technologies and innovations have improved their experience. Retailers who employ in-store point of sale system kiosks as part of their dynamic customer experience can anticipate 33% more walk-in traffic and 32% higher sales volume. The art of personalization makes an impact on the encouragement of consumers to complete the purchase process. 

With software that can be augmented and customized promotions based on previous purchases, new digital experiences on mobile and interactive kiosk platforms offer more opportunities for up-selling and inspiration. Retailers can enhance their promotions through marketing platforms to promote and influence social channels, receipt printing, etc to drive consumer persuasion. 69% of shoppers stated they would be more likely to buy if given self-help options in-store like digital displays and kiosks.

Advanced Kiosks’ Point of Sales (POS) Self Service Retail Kiosk is designed to provide a variety of services thanks to our selection of optional features. These kiosks support a wide range of services, such as credit card scanning, bar code and QR code scanning, VOIP and more, all while saving valuable floor space as an easy-to-install wall mounted touch screen unit. Customizing your store front’s necessities is easier than ever. Watch your store’s point of sale interactive digital kiosk increase revenue by expanding inventory, customer loyalty through signing up or checking on their rewards program information, advertising and marketing promotions, lead capture, foot traffic, and 24 hour kiosk accessibility all in real time.

Advanced Kiosks strives to provide superior customer experiences through providing our customers with the “complete” digital kiosk experience of hardware, pos software, and design. By offering our kiosk consulting services to our clients, we ensure the best possible result for your kiosk solution project through proper guidance. We even offer 24 hour customer support. 

By supplying our customers with a complete solution (hardware, software, and design services) our experienced technical team can customize your kiosk project to your exact needs. Contact our sales representative today at (603) 865-1000 or visit our website to determine the next step to making your kiosk pos system vision a reality at your retail locations.

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