Quarterly Newsletter: First Quarter 2015

What’s New at Advanced Kiosks?

A sleek pedestal kiosk model, queuing software and an innovative partnership!

At Advanced Kiosks, our mission statement is at the heart of everything we do. “To make self-service kiosk technology beautiful and easy to use for our customers and the users of our products.” In service to our mission this quarter, our engineering team has designed a simple, user-friendly, queuing software and a new pedestal kiosk that features a 46-inch multi-touch display.

We have also partnered up with Screening for Mental Health Inc.™ to create and configure a self-service hardware and software solution to better meet their needs for their mental health screening tool. If you have a kiosk project that you’re interested in starting, call our office and give us the opportunity to earn your business!

QLine Queuing Software

This cloud-based queuing software is easy to set-up and maintain. QLine keeps walk-in traffic moving smoothly through your offices as it continually updates wait times because informed customers are satisfied customers. We can have you up and running with the “software only” version of QLine in fewer than 24 hours. The full kiosk hardware and software solution will completely revolutionize the way you do business in less than two weeks! QLine is available for a low-cost monthly subscription with no contract or additional fees. Click here to watch the demo!

Our New Partner, Screening for Mental Health™

Advanced Kiosks and Screening for Mental Health™ (SMH) are reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues by making it easy for people to get “a check-up from the neck up” anytime, anywhere.

SMH uses our iKiosk and FreeStanding Kiosk with Zamok to promote and run their anonymous mental health survey to screen for depression, addiction and eating disorders. Advanced Kiosks is proud to support this effort and to spread mental health awareness.

New Kiosk Model: Coming Soon in 2015

The new pedestal kiosk design is engineered with the option of either a 46 or 32-inch multi-touchscreen display. Its sleek, compact design brings elegance and class to any lobby or public facility.

This newest addition to our family of kiosk models can be customized with an impressive array of design features best suited to fit your organization’s needs. Display company information, local attractions, conference schedules, building directory info, and
much more. Click here to view our other kiosk models!

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