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Boost staff productivity, reduce wait times and conserve resources with Office Extension 2.0

Office Extension Document Kiosk for Court Houses

Customize Your Solution

19" display screen allows visitors self-service functionality to pay fines, apply for permits and licenses, scan/print/email documents, check scheduling, complete forms, research information and more.

Secured kiosk functionality can be configured and administered right from your office desktop.

Call for Assistance

Configure your VOIP handset to dial predetermined parties at the touch of a button. No phone system required.

Card Reader

Scan credit cards, barcodes, IDs or drivers' licenses.

Keyboard & Touchpad

A durable and backlit keyboard to allow your visitors to communicate via email, surveys and form submissions.

Internal Laser Printer

Allow visitors the ability to print out full size documents.

ADA Compliant Flatbed Scanner

Scan letters, passports, licenses and other full page documents. Email scanned document to specified parties or print document directly at the kiosk with the touch of a button.

Custom Graphics

Add your logo or specific messaging to the kiosk.

Steel Enclosure

Durable steel enclosure coupled with our 3 year warranty. Made in America.

Bolt to Floor

Bolt to the floor or wall for extra security.


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Sample Government Kiosk Interface

Sample Government Kiosk Interface

Read more about how we help courthouses save time, money and resources.

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Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks for Government

Interactive kiosks for local and federal government agencies are compatible with indoor and outdoor applications and make essential government services conveniently available to your residents. With a self-service kiosks, government organizations can:

  • Increase Staff Efficiency
  • Reduce Visitor Wait Times
  • Promote Events and Information
  • Provide Guidance and Support
  • Automate ID Verification
  • Expedite Account Processing
  • Provide Electronic Activity Records
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Security
  • Enhance Data Tracking
  • Save Costs
  • Provide language translation services

Other Recommended Products for Courthouses

These self-service products can have a considerable impact on your bottom line.


Live Interpretation Solutions

On-demand, live audio and video interpretation of 240 languages and American Sign Language to break down language barriers at your organization. Allows customers who do not speak English as a first language to ask complex questions and receive answers instantly through a human translator.

Pay by the minute for substantial savings and communicate to your customer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Office Extension Desk

Office Extension Desk

Status Display LED Light

LED light is activated when the kiosk is in use.


Webcam option for videoconferencing, specifically used with our Assisted Self Service product.

4K Resolution Monitor

Large 4k display screen allows users plenty of screen space to interact with the kiosks functionality. Great for multiple document viewing, longer forms and easier interactivity. Enables better data accuracy and easier reading.

Kiosk interface functionality can be configured and administered right from your desktop.

Directional Soundbar

Crisp, powerful audio ensures clear communication lines.

Ample Desk Space

Many interactions with forms require paperwork and references that can be organized on the desk top.


Headset is available for when privacy is a concern.

NavPad Control

High contrast keyboard and Storm Napped provide a pleasant and easy-to-use experience for visually impaired users.

Rolling Computer Chair

As data indicates, seated data entry is more accurate than standing. The chair and desk provide comfort and encourage organization for longer kiosk sessions.

Full Page Document Scanner

Scan letters, passports, licenses and other full page documents. Email scanned document to specified parties or print document directly at the kiosk with the touch of a button.

Laser Printer

Allow users the ability to print out full size documents.

Bolt to Floor

The Office Extension Desk is solid and fully tamperproof.

A Remote Extension of Your Office for Longer Interactions!

Offer the convenience of a sit-down experience for better data accuracy while saving time and money automating services and paperwork with the Office Extension Desk.

Receive form submissions and scanned documents as pdfs from the desk to your email inbox in seconds! 

Prince William County
“We employ a lot of technology in the office, and there’s always hiccups and glitches, says Smith. We’ve had none of that with Advanced Kiosks. They have thought through everything; While it was not quite plug and play, it’s about as close to plug and play as a kiosk could be. I’ve been so impressed!”

Jacqueline Smith
Clerk of Court, Prince William County


Our successful courthouse customers have provided city and county residents the ability to handle their government business on their time.

The automation of essential government services like paying fines or applying for a marriage license provides citizens with increased freedom when handling their government business. 

With self-service kiosks for courthouses, customers avoid taking time off work to handle their government business, reduce wait times, and increase staff efficiency.

We have worked with many customers in both city and town municipalities and federal government industries, including Quincy, Orange County, and Olmsted County Housing Authorities. We have also provided similar solutions for Arlington National Cemetery, Rhode Island National Guard, and State of Maine (DHHS).