RI National Guard Kiosk Rescue: Mission Accomplished

The Rhode Island Army National Guard knows many young adults today are more comfortable interacting with a self-service kiosk than a person. That’s why they purchased three computer kiosks in late 2017 to act as virtual recruiters. Alas, they didn’t buy those kiosks from Advanced Kiosks. But never fear! Our new Kiosk Rescue Program is here! If your non functioning kiosk meets a few basic requirements, our expert technicians will work to get it reconditioned and back online. If we can’t do it, we apply 100% of our diagnostic fee toward your new kiosk purchase. The RI National Guard was first to try our kiosk rescue initiative, and we are proud to say it was a positive experience for everyone involved.

The Problem: Upside-Down Kiosks

When the RI National Guard kiosk requisition was first initiated for the three computer kiosks, they had no control over the vendor selection. Unfortunately, the kiosks were a headache from day one. “We had trouble even figuring out how to turn them on, and when we finally did, the display screens were upside down. The touchscreens were opposite; if you hit the top of the screen, it registered at the bottom. It was chaos!” laughed digital marketing non-commissioned officer Sgt. Jordan Rodrigues. When it became apparent the original manufacturer couldn’t provide the support needed, Sgt. 1st Class Adom Vita, RI National Guard Recruiting & Retention Command, immediately started doing his own market research. He was looking for local, New England kiosk vendors who were GSA-approved. Google led him straight to Advanced Kiosks.

The Road to Kiosk Recovery

When SFC Vita called us, our very own Founder & President Howard Horn answered. (It happens more often than you’d think.) “We had a good conversation. Howard was very upfront with me about what he suspected the problems were,” said SFC Vita. “I appreciated how he walked me through solving the hardware issues instead of rushing me into a software purchase.”

RI National Guard Interface

From there, our project consultant team jumped in to verify the problem kiosks met the rescue program’s eligibility rules before handing them over to our technical support specialist, Marshall Nye. Accessing the RI National Guard kiosks remotely confirmed Marshall’s suspicions: They had no management software running on them at all. They were just empty Windows boxes. “There are three basic phases to kiosk reconditioning: [1] inspection and preparation, [2] deployment and [3] review. We work with the client to understand desired function, establish a project timeline, and identify deliverables and potential roadblocks,” explained Marshall. “In most cases, we have to start by removing inferior or malfunctioning software to install our Zamok suite. Here, we were starting from scratch.” Once Zamok was installed, Sgt. Rodrigues and Marshall worked closely together to build a user interface that quickly grabs attention with video and rotating banner ads. Users can browse the RI National Guard website for signup bonuses and benefits information or submit their contact info for follow-up with a recruiting officer. “Marshall was super helpful, explaining everything in real time with conference calls and emails. He had us up and running in two or three weeks,” said Sgt. Rodrigues. “He showed me how to access the Homepage and Layout Solutions via the Zamok admin website. I played around in it for half a day, and now I can edit everything to make it look exactly how we want it.”

Resurrected Kiosks Ready to Travel

The refurbished kiosks made their debut in May at the RI National Guard’s inaugural Guardian Games. High school students from around the state turned out to participate in this giant zigzag obstacle course competition. The event was covered on local radio and in the news. Competitors wore timers on their heels that transmitted data to the kiosks stationed around the field. People crowded around the kiosks to check scores and race results. This past weekend, the kiosks were featured at the Rhode Island Air Show. This huge festival is the RI National Guard’s annual open house, but all branches of the military are on hand, so it helps to differentiate yourself. The kiosks did exactly that, pulling in passersby with a Basic Training video that makes you feel like you’re there! From here, the recruiting kiosks will continue to travel and communicate with multiple audiences. They will be placed in armories for drill weekends so soldiers can learn about re-enlistment bonuses, and in the fall, they will move out into civilian communities and high schools.

Advanced Support: The Best Kiosk Support Available

In a matter of weeks, the RI National Guard’s computer kiosks went from hunks of metal cluttering the office and collecting dust to dynamic, engaging centerpieces for all their recruiting events. “Marshall met every requirement we gave him. Advanced Kiosks showed us their total commitment to the customer, so purchasing a support plan from them was a no-brainer,” explained SFC Vita. Our premiere Advanced Support will keep these virtual recruiters happy and healthy for the foreseeable future.

Let Us Rescue Your Kiosk

Do you have a broken down kiosk taking up space and aggravating you every time you look at it? It’s time to get help. Head over to our Kiosk Rescue page and download the program brochure. Our kiosk specialists will do their best to diagnose, treat and heal your ailing machine. If it doesn’t work, 100% of your investment will go toward the purchase of a brand new Advanced Kiosk. Either way, you can’t lose.   Written by Amy Robison, contributing author

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