Office Extension Desk

A Remote Extension of Your Office!

Offer the convenience of a sit-down experience for better data accuracy while saving time and money automating services and paperwork with the Office Extension Desk.

Receive form submissions and scanned documents as pdfs from the desk to your email inbox in seconds! 

Office Extension Desk

Status Display LED Light

LED light is activated when the kiosk is in use.


Webcam option for videoconferencing, specifically used with our Assisted Self Service product.

4K Resolution Monitor

Large 4k display screen allows users plenty of screen space to interact with the kiosks functionality. Great for multiple document viewing, longer forms and easier interactivity. Enables better data accuracy and easier reading.

Kiosk interface functionality can be configured and administered right from your desktop.

Directional Soundbar

Crisp, powerful audio ensures clear communication lines.

Ample Desk Space

Many interactions with forms require paperwork and references that can be organized on the desk top.


Headset is available for when privacy is a concern.

NavPad Control

High contrast keyboard and Storm Napped provide a pleasant and easy-to-use experience for visually impaired users.

Rolling Computer Chair

As data indicates, seated data entry is more accurate than standing. The chair and desk provide comfort and encourage organization for longer kiosk sessions.

Full Page Document Scanner

Scan letters, passports, licenses and other full page documents. Email scanned document to specified parties or print document directly at the kiosk with the touch of a button.

Laser Printer

Allow users the ability to print out full size documents.

Bolt to Floor

The Office Extension Desk is solid and fully tamperproof.


  • Longer forms are regularly required to be submitted
  • Office staff resources stretched thin
  • Long customer wait lines for office services
  • Submitted data is often inaccurate 
  • Users have substantial paperwork and reference material


  • Scan documents and send to any email.
  • Access to services 24/7.
  • Allow ample desk space for papework.
  • Fill out forms and submit applications remotely.
  • Print forms, documents, or receipts on demand.
  • Pay bills through third-party portals securely.
  • VOIP services – Place phone calls through a directory or slideshow of quick-dial buttons.
  • Increase staff efficiency and decrease demand by automating services
  • Easily make changes to the interface of your kiosk right from your computer. 
  • Better customer service.

The Office Extension Kiosk self-service product has a considerable impact on your bottom line.

It is the perfect solution for industries like government, housing authorities, courthouses, human resources, and more.

Now we know what you might be thinking – how is Office Extension Kiosk different from other kiosk hardware? Well, kiosk hardware is just that – hardware—one piece of a larger puzzle.

To properly function and fulfill customer and employee needs, a complete kiosk solution partners with software. Together, kiosk and software make a difference in your business’s day-to-day operations, effectively serving as an extension of our office, and provide your customers the best possible experience.

Read more about how we help offices save time, money and resources.

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Office Extension Desk
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Recommended Industries


Use Cases for the Office Extension Desk

Document Scanner G Icon

Guide users through scanning and securely sending documents.

Form Fill G Icon

Provide a paperless, contactless method for filling out documents.

Printing and Media G Icon

Variety of options, like full-size, label, ticket, and receipt printing.

Bill Payment G Icon

Secure payment system for paying bills, rent, taxes, and fines.

Lobby G Icon

A kiosk is the perfect way to modernize the lobby of any building.

Call Us and VoIP G Icon

Place phone calls through a directory or slideshow of quick-dial buttons.

Information Access G Icon

A perfect way to get information across to the people who need it.

Alerts and Notifications G Icon

Monitor and manage a fleet of kiosks.

Prince William County

The Prince William County court system in Virginia is home to over 470,000 residents, many of whom face an increasingly common problem in counties across the United States – lack of convenient access to government services.

Prince William County residents regularly take an entire day off work to complete essential government business during limited business hours. Recognizing the need to make these services accessible for everyone, court officials in the community turned to Advanced Kiosks to find a solution that allows citizens to handle their business on their time.

The solution? Office Extension 2.0

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Does Your Kiosk Deployment Require a Desk? – Part 1

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Frequently Asked Questions

Office Extension Desk

What’s the difference between the Office Extension Kiosk and the Office Extension Desk?

Although the Office Extension Kiosk is a complete product solution that includes software, the Office Extension Desk is designed for longer interactions that might require the user to fill out or scan multiple forms or speak with a customer service agent. The Office Extension Desk includes a desk and chair for increased user comfort and more accurate data collection

What are the use cases for the Office Extension Desk?

Use cases for the Office Extension Desk include:

  • Scanning
  • Form fill
  • Printing
  • VoIP
  • Bill pay
  • Building permit applications
  • Video support
  • Language translation
  • Information access

What are the benefits of the Office Extension Desk?

One recent research study from Seoul National University in South Korea demonstrated that for some users, offering them the ability to be seated resulted in shorter completion times, while at the same time reducing frustration. Other benefits of the Office Extension Desk include increased staff efficiency, improved customer service, and lower operational and labor costs by offering a self-service option for clients.

In addition, thanks to its assisted self-service feature that allows users to be connected to an agent, the information gathered at the Office Extension Desk will be of better quality. A 2015 study conducted by researchers from the University of Regensburg in Germany found for citizens working with the German Federal Employment Agency, the quality of data collected with the assistance of an agent was superior to that of data inputted by users on their own.

Does Advanced Kiosks hold a GSA contract?

Yes! Attaining the GSA contract approval is not easy and speaks volumes about the quality standards and reputation of Advanced Kiosks. We are very proud to take part in this program, and doing so has proven to be instrumental in better serving our national customer base.

Learn more about GSA here.