The Benefits of Adding Name Tags

When it comes to managing visitor access to secure locations such as schools, office buildings, medical facilities and other locations where it may be undesirable to have unauthorized people wandering the halls, a Visitor Management System kiosk can be the perfect solution. A Visitor Management System allows those coming to the facility to use a check-in kiosk to easily search for their party, get detailed wayfinding directions, and call or text message their party.

A Visitor Management System kiosk never fails to show up for duty, never needs a restroom break and doesn’t fall for sob stories about how a visitor left their ID at home. Additionally, such a kiosk keeps detailed records of who is entering a facility and whom they are coming to see.

But for those who desire an additional layer of security, adding a nametag printer can provide an easy way to keep track of visitors once they’ve passed through the main doors.



The hazard of politeness

There’s little doubt of the necessity for managing access to buildings. According to FBI statistics, there were more than 600,000 property crimes involving residential and nonresidential facilities in 2021, with more than $737 billion in stolen property. That’s not to mention the more serious outcomes involving schools and workplaces.

And while visitor management systems such as kiosks, keypads and card access terminals can prevent most unauthorized access, there is one additional threat of which facility managers should be aware: tailgating, also known as piggybacking or shadowing. At its core, tailgating is the entry of an unauthorized person behind that of an authorized visitor.

The main reason tailgating occurs is simply human nature. Most of us would consider it to be polite to hold the door for someone immediately behind us as we’re entering a building. We might know the individual, or they may simply look as if they have business there. Or just as likely, they grabbed the door behind us as it was closing, and we didn’t feel inclined to slam it in their face.

No matter what building policies are posted at the door, tailgating will likely always occur.


Adding an optional nametag printer to a Visitor Management System can provide an easy way for those in a secure facility to identify those walking the halls. Tags can include the visitor’s name, the date, and who they are there to see. The visitor simply peels the backing off the printed tag and sticks it on their shirt. Security can be alerted if someone is spotted in the facility without a nametag and appropriate steps can be taken.

And the value of adding a nametag printer goes well beyond just identifying those who have entered a facility. Nametags and badges can also make the office environment more friendly and welcoming. Here are a few added benefits of incorporating a nametag printer into your visitor management system:

Safety and Incident Management: Nametags can help to quickly identify employees and visitors in the event of an emergency. This can aid first responders in quickly assessing the situation and making the necessary decisions, promoting safety.

• Compliance: Many organizations have regulatory requirements that mandate the use of identification for personnel. Nametags can help organizations to comply with these regulations, promoting security.

• Facilitating introductions: Nametags make it easy for new employees, clients, or visitors to put a face to a name and remember whom they’ve met. This can help break the ice and make introductions less awkward, promoting a friendly atmosphere. (on a side note, experts say nametags should be worn on the right side. When someone shakes our hand, their gaze tends to travel up our arm and to the nametag)

• Branding: Nametags can also be used to promote a company’s branding and culture. By displaying a company logo or motto on nametags, employees can feel more connected to their organization and its mission, promoting a sense of unity and professionalism among employees.

Although printer hardware is not included in Advanced Kiosks’ VisitorVisitor Management System Nametag Printer by Brother Management System solution, we recommend a compact color thermal printer that is specifically designed to print photos and labels, such as the Brother ColAura (VC500W) seen here. At this time the Brother ColAura is the only nametag printer that meets our quality standards, printing a high-quality image quickly. Our solutions come configured to work seamlessly with this printer.

A Visitor Management System kiosk can go a long way to managing facility access. If you want to add that extra layer of security, consider adding a nametag printer.

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