Kiosk Self-Service Knowledgebase

The thermal printer inside of a kiosk prints blank sheets

Thermal printers work by selectively heating coated thermal paper when the paper passes over the thermal print head. Thermal receipt paper has this coating on only ONE side – the inside or the outside. Depending on the application, it is possible that the roll of paper has the thermal coating on the wrong side, or the paper has been installed wrong. You can test which side is the coated side by rubbing the back of your nail quickly on the paper, against a hard surface. The coated side will show a black streak, while the plain paper side will not.

To test the printer:

  1. Remove the thermal paper roll
  2. Rotate the roll 180° and reinstall so that the opposite side of the paper is being printed on
  3. Run a test print
If the printer continues to fail to print, please open a technical support ticket HERE.