Tribute Software for Interactive Kiosk Memorials and Recognition

Introducing the new Tribute Kiosk Software, designed to provide an elegant, flexible interactive solution to honor individuals from all groups and organizations. This new tribute software product family includes multiple themes and designs to get users up and running fast with an engaging one of a kind solution.

It all started by honoring our Fallen Heroes

Tribute Mock Ups

When the state of Massachusetts decided to build a Fallen Heroes Memorial in Boston, they launched the project with an interactive tribute kiosk built by Advanced Kiosks. The Tribute Kiosk Software enabled organizers to make use of service records, newspaper clippings, photographs, and a wealth of information supplied by families to assemble an individualized honorable presentation for each veteran.

The Boston project was the beginning of a series of similar requests and showed there was a need for these unique and interactive memorial kiosks. As it turns out, that need was not limited to the military world. Advanced Kiosks discovered there was a demand for this type of tool for other types of memorials – such as the Jacksonville, Fla., Fallen Officers Memorial Wall. The Jacksonville project also included the Fallen Heroes themed software, but with a tailored look and feel for their organization. The outdoor Enviro Kiosk in Jacksonville provides visitors interactive information on each of the 61 Jacksonville officers killed in the line of duty since 1840.

Fallen Heroes Memorial Boston MA

The elegant memorial also includes a wall with all of the officers’ names, and three police officer statues: two on each side of the wall, and one kneeling in front of the monument placing a red rose near the blue line that encircles it.

The project was spearheaded by a local Eagle Scout who conceived and helped bring the memorial to completion as part of his Eagle Scout Project.

A solution for many types of tributes

Tribute Mock-Ups School SpiritThe Boston and Jacksonville memorial projects demonstrate an ideal use for our interactive kiosks and Tribute Software with Fallen Heroes in mind, but there are other kinds of recognition needs for highlighting individuals who may not be deceased or are not in the armed services. Requests for other solutions were starting to roll in for examples such as highlighting college alumni, recognizing exceptional school athletes, appreciation of donors and sponsors, or simply honoring ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

These requests and growing demand led to further development of the Tribute Kiosk Software family of products and themes. The Tribute product family offers tailored solutions for memorial groups, universities, professional organizations, governments and more. We have created templates to make it easy for any organization to get started, and the database can easily be customized, changed and updated, making it a living and evolving tool that will stand for years to come.

The interface has the ability to include links to all types of media including PDF files, videos, or websites for a content rich, interactive user experience.

We currently offer several theme packages for the Tribute Kiosk Software:

  • FALLEN HEROES: An elegant interactive memorial to honor deceased military, law enforcement or any branch of service.
  • HALL OF FAME: A vibrant interactive showcase for school sports teams of all levels.
  • ALUMNI: An interactive yearbook to share alumni information about graduated classes, events, then and now, and contact directory.
  • MEMORIAL: A dignified memorial platform for use in accessing burial locations, biographies, pictures and more.
  • SPOTLIGHT: A flexible platform to customize and showcase individual achievements or information for any group, family or organization.

Advanced Kiosks offers a turnkey solution

Advanced Kiosks Advantage LogoFrom start to finish, we have the resources to make each project a success. Our experienced project consultants will guide the project planning to make sure the result meets the needs of your audience. Every purchase includes initial set-up and configuration hours to get you up and running quickly. The kiosk software is managed remotely, which allows you to monitor and make updates to the system from your desktop computer and provides the ability to manage multiple kiosks from one location. The custom interactive software, commercial grade kiosk hardware and advanced support options make our Tribute solution truly a turnkey operation.

Kiosk customization and options for all

Advanced Kiosks offers an assortment of kiosk options, colors, branding and graphic capabilities, which can all be customized to properly suit your organization’s needs. We have both indoor and outdoor kiosk models to choose from, in a variety of form factors including free-standing or wall-mounted kiosks, all made of quality commercial grade hardware. All of our kiosks are covered by our three-year full coverage warranty, inside and out, which is something that is unmatched in the industry.

Our sales staff and engineers work closely with you to guide the process and ensure that you have everything you need for your interactive kiosk project. After the sale, our world-class support team will be there as needed to ensure that any problems or questions that arise can be addressed quickly and minimize any downtime for your kiosk solution.

To learn more about our Tribute Kiosk product family, visit the Tribute Software web page, download the Tribute Software Brochure, check out the demo, or contact one of our kiosk consultants.

For military, state and federal projects, Advanced Kiosks is also a GSA Advantage Vendor and service many government agencies.


Written by Tami Brouillette, contributing author

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