Kiosk Self-Service Knowledgebase

A set of kiosks that after a network update (in this specific case, they changed how the network handles SSL connections) reported as offline, despite having a good connection and being connected to via TeamViewer.

This is a result of the way Zamok checks its internet connection. Zamok will ping to check for a connection. If that ping fails, then it will report itself as offline. So figure out WHY the ping fails. Either the website is blocked entirely, or there may be an issue with how the site handles SSL connections. In this specific case, the client had not updated their root SSL certificate, causing the failure. 
Try pinging through CMD   <—– This is google’s DNS resoultion server
If these respond with an error or timeout, then it is a safe assumption that the network is blocking connections going out.
If these show a good connection, the try navigating to
If an error with SSL processing occurs or page fails to load, then it’s a safe bet there has been some other type of network filtering has taken place that will have to be resolved.