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School Spirit Showcase Kiosk Software, Recruits and Engages Students and Alumni

April 9, 2019

The newest member of the Tribute Kiosk Software family will grow & strengthen education communities and campuses of all sizes. The School Spirit Showcase interactive kiosk software is accessible on all devices and allows...

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Voter Registration Kiosks

Voter Registration Kiosks: Bringing Power to the People

December 19, 2018

We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union, need to vote! We know that, and we did better this year: 49% of eligible voters hit the polls in 2018. That’s our...

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College Printing Kiosks Prime

College Printing Kiosks: the Cure for the Common Computer Lab

January 4, 2018

If working for an electronic self-service company has taught me anything, it’s the immense importance of college printing kiosks to students on campuses of every size. While advances in technology have made just about...

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College Campuses student services kiosks

Top 10 Ways College Campuses Utilize Interactive Kiosks

November 14, 2017

College campuses are centers for growth an innovation, and technology plays in important role in maintaining that status. Students, as well as faculty, expect their schools to keep up with new and emerging technologies to...

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Using Student Kiosks to Start Off the School Year Strong

July 27, 2017

School’s Back Soon! Next week the month of August begins, and that means wrapping up plans for the new school year! Curriculum plans, dining hall food orders, new hires, updated school supplies, new technology...

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whitepaper education

WHITE PAPER: Campus Kiosks & State Funding Crisis

March 22, 2017

Self-Service Campus Kiosks & Education Currently, the largest problem U.S. colleges and universities are facing is overcrowding and lack of state funding. More institutions across the nation are adopting self service and implementing campus kiosks...

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student kiosks blog

Student Kiosks and College | Advanced Kiosks

November 15, 2016

Student Kiosks Ft. The Life of a College Student Hey, listen. I know we all love to talk about all the fun college parties and college lifestyle. The Chinese takeout at 2:00am and essays...

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University of Pacific ikiosk interactive computer kiosk machine

iKiosks Are Gateway to Premier Educational Dental Facility

July 13, 2014

Advanced Kiosks Provides Controlled Entry System for University of the Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry University of the Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry officially opened the doors of its state-of-the-art,...

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Self service kiosk in the student center at UND - Advanced Kiosks

Document Kiosk meets University of North Dakota’s Printing Needs

September 14, 2010

Student Printing Kiosk Solutions at UND Making the Grade The Challenge In 2010, the University of North Dakota entered an institution-wide strategic planning initiative known as Exceptional UND. Fortunately, the Information Technology division was...

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