Collect Kiosk User Feedback with ZAMOK’s Built-in Survey Tool

The industry-leading ZAMOK® Kiosk Management Software Suite is packed full of functionality. It has everything you need to keep one self-service kiosk running smoothly or remotely manage a whole fleet. From Alerts & Notifications to video chat and co-browsing capabilities, ZAMOK does it all. 

Advanced Kiosks engineers are proud of each ZAMOK feature we’ve designed. When we see one being overlooked and underutilized, we feel compelled to shine a spotlight on it. This video is an introduction to ZAMOK’s built-in survey feature. It explains how the interactive kiosk survey tool looks and works. It steps you through how to set up your own user experience survey and access the results, all in under a minute. 

The ZAMOK survey tool was originally developed to determine whether digital kiosk users were satisfied with their interactive kiosk experience. But ZAMOK’s survey feature can be used to collect customer feedback on any of your products and services. You can even configure it to pop up at certain points in a transaction to better understand the users’ journey and overall experience with your brand. Quickly recognizable emojis make the survey tool an intuitive, easy way for people to share their opinions. 

Whether your customer survey is an add-on feature or the sole purpose of your kiosk, self-service kiosk surveys provide an accurate, continuous source of data your organization can use to improve what you do and how you do it. Have some ideas for how to incorporate ZAMOK’s survey tool into your kiosk user interface? Our technical sales consultants are happy to talk through them with you.

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