HR Kiosks in the Food Processing Industry

Sierra-Cedar has been tracking HR systems adoption for 21 years. Their 2018-19 white paper says 78% of workplaces now use employee self service. Digital HR self-service portals save human resources departments substantial time and money, but how do they serve the 80% of the global workforce who are deskless?

The vast majority of food processing workers don’t have a dedicated computer workstation. Deskless employees struggle to feel engaged with their company and often complain about a lack of information from management. HR Kiosks can help bridge the gap between your digital HR platform and your deskless employees. 

Document Kiosk IsoWhat Can HR Kiosks Do?

An HR kiosk has all the functionality of your online HR portal and more. The HR Documentation Kiosk’s full-size printer and scanner enable employees to print, complete, scan and submit forms. It’s an all-in-one HR satellite office.

HR kiosks can be used for:

  • Payroll Management: view and print pay stubs, manage direct deposit & tax withholdings
  • Employee Profile Updates: mailing address, emergency contacts, licenses & certifications
  • Benefits Management: enroll in health and retirement plans, track FSA/HSA claims
  • Labor Tracking: clock in and out, make scheduling and PTO requests
  • Internal Communication: post policies, announcements, newsletters & directories
  • Employee Feedback: solicit comments/suggestions, administer surveys

For a look at HR kiosks in action, watch this video. It highlights the many options and capabilities of employee self-service kiosks. 

How Much Money Can HR Kiosks Save?

Depending on your company’s size and current process, you can realize 5 or 6-digit savings just by automating the pay stub process. Imagine no longer having to print, stuff and mail pay stubs. 

Printing and distribution are substantial HR expenses, especially during open enrollment periods. Sierra-Cedar reports 80% savings when companies transition from manual to self-service benefit enrollment. 

Expanding the efficiencies of Digital HR to your deskless workforce frees up your HR staff to focus on tasks that add more value to your company. Using HR kiosks to improve communication and engagement can also boost employee retention. Both result in direct and indirect cost savings. 

Who Uses HR Kiosks?

HR kiosks are becoming increasingly popular in the food processing industry. American Foods Group came to us to develop their unique fleet of HR kiosks, including freestanding and wall-mounted units. We helped them design intuitive user interface templates so employees can quickly and easily access a variety of HR self-service tools. And the templates make it easy to update content remotely. 

Advanced Kiosks is also proud to count Dietz & Watson, Conagra and Mountaire among our food processing clients. We worked with each to create digital kiosk solutions that met their unique needs and integrated with their existing platforms. 

Integration is pivotal to the success of any HR kiosk implementation. That’s why Zamok Kiosk Management Software provides out-of-the-box compatibility with all major HRMS software, including SAP, Oracle’s Peoplesoft, ADP, Kronos and more. If you have customized or add-on platforms, Advanced Kiosks engineers can handle any layered integration you require. 

Are you ready to connect your food processing workforce with all your HR department has to offer? HR kiosks provide the missing link between your employee self-service portal and your deskless employees. Contact an Advanced Kiosks technical sales consultant to start planning your digital HR transformation. 

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