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Two Worlds Collide: Interactive Display Kiosk Technology and Digital Signage

Advanced Kiosks makes beautiful machines. Scroll through our product line of digital kiosks and you’ll see elegant lines, vivid colors and crisp images. But looks are just a small part of what we do. We are engineers. Companies come to us for form and function. Of course you’ll get a great-looking interactive display kiosk, but what do you need it to do? We don’t just make pretty faces; we make pretty, interactive faces. That makes us a great fit for marketing today.

Visual Engagement Meets Functionality in Marketing

Like every industry, marketing has seen a lot of tech-driven change in a short amount of time. It usually looks like this: Initial skepticism and conflict give way to peaceful coexistence before eventually reaching collaborative integration. As technology matures, so does the way we think about it and use it.

Remember the print vs. digital battle of the 1990s? Seems silly now, but people were picking sides: poster vs. screen. Eventually we realized the two could complement each other. When the new millennium dawned, the question became, “Do you need a digital sign or an interactive kiosk?” Do you want customers to see, or do you want them to do? Over the next decade, it occurred to marketers: Wait a minute . . . Maybe they could see and do!

The industry shifted. In 2010, the Digital Signage Association and the Self-Service & Kiosk Association merged to become the Digital Screenmedia Association, and that evolved into the Interactive Customer Experience Association.

The Industry Today

Whatever you call this collision of worlds, the interactive digital signage juggernaut is still going strong with no end in sight. Marketers continue their efforts to curate the best possible customer experience, and our industry supports them.

As our technical sales expert Matt Rivero explains, “Digital sign makers are adding more interactive capabilities to their products just as kiosks are getting bigger and more attention-grabbing.”

Real Estate Kiosks User

Engage. Interact. Satisfy. 

It’s an old Advanced Kiosks slogan, but still a very accurate description of what a Display Kiosk does. We have an entire line of large touch screen kiosks, each with a different look and feel, but all are guaranteed to command attention. The Tower Kiosk stands over 7 feet tall. Our Monolith Kiosk lets you choose between a 46” or 55” LCD touchscreen. Want to engage customers from all sides in all weather? Get a double-sided Outdoor Monolith with back-to-back giant touch screens.

Once you’ve grabbed your users’ attention, Advanced Kiosks offers the widest selection of hardware and kiosk software to power all kinds of customer interactions. Need to make online purchases, print tickets, scan documents, talk to a customer service representative? Yep, we have options and peripherals to make all that happen. You could even outfit your display kiosk with a palm scanner for biometrics. We can design any user experience you need to satisfy your customers.

The Magic’s in the Software

So, how do you make a big, flashy screen interactive? Software is the key to interactive digital signage. It’s what brings a display kiosk to life, safely and reliably, every time. Our Zamok Software Suite is the best kiosk software available, and it comes installed on every kiosk we ship.

Zamok Logo

Back when a digital sign was just a sign, no one ever touched it. No need to worry about security or tampering. With the increased functionality of interactive digital signage, lockdown software is essential. Zamok software keeps your interactive digital kiosks stable and secure – locked down to only the websites you want your users to access. Zamok also manages all your mixed content, from the digital signage elements (slideshows, videos, screensavers, etc.) to the self-service digital kiosks functionality (touchscreens, online forms, credit card readers, QR code scanners, and so much more).

Ready to Get Attention AND Results?

Interactive display kiosks are the hardest working screens in any industry – retail and marketing, food and beverage, education, healthcare, or human resources markets are all finding new ways for digital kiosks to earn their keep. When you need people to both see and do, you need an interactive display kiosk. Advanced Kiosks makes them look good and work hard. Call us today to start designing your functional beauty.


Written by Amy Robison, contributing author

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