kiosk machine price

Kiosk Machine Price: How To Get The Best Deal.

November 22, 2016

Kiosk Machine Price

You are looking for a kiosk and figuring out the budget. What is the normal kiosk machine price? It can range from $2,000 to $10,000 for a full size kiosk (not a little ipad with Point of Sale software on it). The reason the range is that wide is because there are many factors that contribute to the price of a kiosk.  Here are a few quick things that contribute to the pricing of a kiosk solution.

  • How tough is it?
    The durability of a kiosk can be directly related to the cost. Is it going outside? It will need need more durability. Will it see a lot of traffic and usage? It will need to be able to handle the constant use. (Most consumer devices like tablets were designed only to be used sporadically by a handful of users). Not going to have countless users or require 24/7 availability? You could go with a cheaper option for your kiosk solution.


Check out our sweet infographic that shows the difference between consumer and commercial kiosk options: Tablet for a kiosk? Things to remember

There are Compact Power kiosks that have been in service for over TEN years!
  • What type of computer is in it?
    Kiosk machines have computers in them which can be cheap or expensive. How much memory is on the computer? Is it made from consumer or commercial grade materials? Does it need extra processing power to support HD graphic displays? The more complex and powerful the computer, the more the price can be expected to be.


  • Where was the product made?
    The location the kiosk was manufactured can have an impact on the cost as well.  Some kiosks that are imported may have an advantage in pricing for the physical hardware/software. The downside is the accessibility of support services and quality.

made in usa brand


  • What’s the warranty?
    The warranty can affect the price of the kiosk too. If the warranty is longer, it can be an indicator of a kiosk being of higher quality.  It shows that the kiosk manufacturer believes in the product’s longevity and is confident that it will not lose revenue in repair costs.  Remember that the warranty shouldn’t just be measured by its length, but in the range of what is covered as well.  Another benefit of a strong warranty is in that fact that they play a major role in ensuring a kiosk is worth the investment put into it. Higher price at the beginning with a solid warranty can mean a much better return on investment in the long-run through reduced upkeep costs.
true cost of your warranty
Check out this post on the TRUE COST of your Warranty!
  • What’s the deal on the software?
    Kiosks need software to manage and run it. Does the kiosk include software? Or do you have to purchase the software separately? The kiosk may be more expensive, but ultimately is the better deal because it already includes software. Thus, eliminating the additional software fees that can add on thousands.


  • What type of kiosk do you need?
    If all you need is a freestanding kiosk for check-ins or information, it’s going to cost less. If you need a massive wall-mounted interactive display with a plethora of software and design options and add-ons, it may cost more. Research what kiosk best fits your needs to best determine the price range of the product.


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