Self-service tech and Queuing Systems

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Self-service tech and Queuing Systems

Why Advanced Kiosks leads the way for Queuing and Self Service

Self service technology is growing in many different industries. One way that self service is making life easier and helping businesses is the adoption of queuing solutions. This type of system is popular in healthcare, education and any organization that must cater to large groups of visitors and individuals with appointments requiring check in.

Advanced Kiosks team of engineers develop and design both the hardware and the software solutions for many self service applications. The Qline Software is an ideal software platform when combined with Advanced Kiosks hardware deliver a complete queuing solution.

Organizations that utilize the Qline Queuing System:

  • Doctors and Dental Offices or other healthcare providers
  • Human Resources for larger businesses and corporations
  • College administration or guidance offices
  • DMV or other government municipalities
  • Any location with a high volume of visitors requiring reception

Here are some of the benefits of the Qline Queuing System:

Quick & Easy Set-Up: Qline queuing software is empowered by the Advanced Kiosks cloud server and is updated instantly. With our bundled packages and simple pricing structure, you can be up and running in as little as 2 weeks.

Simple Reports: Qline provides reporting options that are easy to set up and meet your needs. Reporting logs data in real time and can be drawn at the user and employee level as needed.

Customer Flow Management: Qline streamlines crowds with self-service check-in and allows for better organization with queue management. Visitors are aware of their status every step of the way via the lobby display monitor and estimated wait times.

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