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November 15, 2016

Student Kiosks Ft. The Life of a College Student

Hey, listen. I know we all love to talk about all the fun college parties and college lifestyle. The Chinese takeout at 2:00am and essays scattered all over the dorm room are both exhilarating concepts. I’m here to talk about how Student Kiosks can be used in universities and colleges to help make the college lifestyle even more carefree.

So what do student kiosks do?

  • Inform: Whatever information you would like to show the students can be shared on a large display touch screen kiosk to help give students the information they need quickly so they still have time to get a coffee before class.



  • Check-in: Help students check-in to the health center, an appointment with a department or professor, a scheduled meeting, or a location during an event like you would on Facebook.


  • Give directions: Help the freshmen class get where they’re going without looking like a chicken with its head cut off by installing directory kiosks across campus.


  • Print and scan: Kiosks can be built into printing clusters with multiple monitors so students can print out their papers and still get to class on time.

cat hates printer

  • Calendar: Kiosks can serve as a calendar for the next open mic or basketball game so everyone can get the latest event updates on campus.


student kiosks

  • E-mail: kiosks can also be used to log into your university account to check your e-mail, look at your class schedule, check out your transcript, or whatever else you want to take a look at.

cat keyboard

Student Kiosks are time and energy-efficient, which is pretty important if you’re juggling a college schedule along with clubs, an internship, and a job (I’ve done it). Using self-service technology can help students get to class prepared and on time.

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