VIDEO: Employee Kiosks for Digital HR Services

If your company is transitioning to Digital HR, you may be struggling with how to ensure all your employees have access to new online tools. This video explains how employee self-service kiosks deliver digital HR benefits to every worker. HR kiosks are user-friendly and accessible 24-7. Here’s how Advanced Kiosks hardware and software make it easy for you to put the power of digital HR into the hands of your employees:

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If you are already shopping for your HR Kiosk solution, check out the Tips for Success – HR Kiosk Deployment video.

Ready to learn more about HR Documentation Kiosk options and capabilities? Check out this deep-dive video about HR Kiosks, or give us a call: (866) 783-3791.

Kiosk Machine Freestanding

Kiosk Machine Freestanding

Kiosk Machine Ticketing

Kiosk Machine TIcketing