VIDEO: Self-Storage Kiosks Are Star Employees

May 13, 2019

The self-storage industry makes $38 billion a year because it never sleeps. If your self-storage facility needs to be “on” 24/7/365, you need reliable, affordable employees. We’ve got ‘em! Get ready to interview our most qualified candidates: Freestanding, Transit and Thru-Wall Kiosks are smart, durable self-storage kiosks. And they’re all willing to work for less than a dollar an hour!

Check out this brief video, “Self-Storage Kiosks – Your Virtual Employee!”

Self-storage customers demand exceptional self service. Ready to automate your self-storage business? Our Self-Storage Kiosk Brochure has tips, features and options, plus testimonials from a self-storage company that experienced firsthand the amazing ROI of automated storage.

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