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What is a Kiosk? | Advanced Kiosks

October 26, 2016

For anyone wondering, ‘What  is a kiosk?’


/’ke, ask/


a small open-fronted hut or cubicle from which newspapers, refreshments, tickets, etc., are sold.

synonyms: booth, stand, stall, concession, counter, newsstand; information booth

  • a small structure in a public area used for providing information or displaying advertisements, often incorporating an interactive display screen or screens.
  • BRITISH : a telephone booth.

noun: telephone kiosk; plural noun: telephone kiosks

or here

So now that we know that the British call telephone booths kiosks, we’re experts in the field. Right? I didn’t think so, so that’s why I hired this particular sock monkey to help out with morale.

what is a kiosk


There are two different kinds of kiosks to start off with.

  1. Uses a computer (digital)
  2. Does not use a computer (analog)

You must be thinking, “Wow it’s that simple?” Not really.



But, here’s a pretty condensed list serving to answer, “what is a kiosk?” 




ANALOG KIOSKS (the one without the computer)

Okay, we get it. What about the real deal? That sweet taste of the future? 

what is a kiosk

Well, don’t fret because we also made a list of…

DIGITAL KIOSKS (the one with the computer)

Some of the kiosks you may recognize on a daily basis.

  1. ATM Machines: The one that spits money at you
  2. E-Kiosks: bill pay, kiosk software, financial, etc.
  3. POS (Point of Sale) Terminals: contact info, loyalty cards, mostly seen in retail sectors.
  4. Food order kiosk: Like all those McDonald’s articles you saw on Facebook
  5. Gaming kiosk: Kind of like arcade games, typically gambling related.
  6. Parking kiosk: you give it money and it gives you a slip to show that you paid to park
  7. Check-in kiosk: checking into the doctor’s office, a hotel, the deli line
  8. Information kiosk: can be used for specific or general knowledge i.e an office lobby
  9. Gift Registry kiosk: potentially found at Baby’s R Us to look at the gift registry for the baby shower you’re going to so you don’t get the wrong thing
  10. Coin kiosk: Like the coinstar you used to clean out your car/ make it rain in pennies
  11. Prison kiosk: (I don’t know you) but they’re used for video visitations
  12. Photo kiosk: The photo booths at the mall or the arcade by the beach
  13. Survey kiosk: used to improve response rate and also restrict you from writing in “you stink” on our surveys

Are you tired yet?







…We’re all doing our best here.



What are the benefits of digital kiosks?

  • Higher buy and return rate
  • Time-efficient
  • Economic
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Convenient
  • Organized
  • Self-Service based

What are the disadvantages?

None, duh…

monkey 5

Okay, well maybe there are some… Don’t start thinking that just about anything could be replaced by a computer kiosk.  The truth is, kiosks will probably never be quite as good as good old face-to-face interaction for some activities. The whole point is to show people you care about them and their time, by using tools like a digital kiosk to make the tedious things easier and faster to do.

but seriously, digital kiosks are all around a pretty awesome source of service that is both money saving and planet saving. Hopefully, after having read this informative article, you will never have to ask, “What is a Kiosk?” ever again. To learn more about how self-service computer kiosks can help you, go to our website. You may also consult the sock monkey if you feel so inclined. 

Fast Talking disclaimer: No sock monkeys were harmed by boredom for the making of this post. This sock monkey volunteered via GIF to be an informative ally for self-service kiosks. Quality of advice varies by virtual store. Attitude only available at a la carte locations. Excludes the ability to actually high five the sock monkey. The sock monkey is not your actual guru through life. Please absorb dry humor responsibly. 


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